How to Excite Your Family’s Passion for Cooking

Cooking is both a necessity for living sustainably healthy and an art form for many. And, as with any passion, it is meant to be shared. If you’re like many of us and want to spend more time with your family during the hectic workweek, then inviting your kids and the rest of the family into the kitchen could be your ticket.

Some family members might not be as excited to cook as others, and some may have to start with smaller tasks and work their way up to things like frying eggs or slicing veggies. Everyone has to start somewhere, so here are a few tips to help get the whole family involved in nightly meals.

Start Small

You can’t expect everyone in your family to be a star pastry chef or cook right out of the gate, but with baby steps, they’ll get there. For now, you should start small by having each member of the family handle a minor part of the meal depending on their current skills and abilities.

Also consider the tools, utensils, and appliances that your meal requires and what your kids are ready to handle. Even if you aren’t comfortable having them slice veggies just yet, having them press the start buttons on your blenders or mixers, or setting the oven temperature, can provide them with satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment that will encourage them to help in the future and learn more.

Cook Recipes for Everyone

Many kids are notoriously picky eaters and will shy away from an ingredient even if they’ve never tried it. To overcome this, you should let them choose two or three ingredients that they like and then look for healthy, wholesome meals that feature them along with some new flavours and foods. Have each member of the family choose the dinner for a select day of the week and give them the opportunity to help cook something they’ll enjoy.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Giving everyone in the family a delegated purpose in the kitchen will not only bring you all closer together, but once you all sit down to eat, everyone can enjoy a meal they know they played an important role in creating.

If answering “What’s for dinner?” is difficult on some weeknights, you can try delegating a “chef” for every day of the week. They get to pick what’s for dinner (within reason—ice cream isn’t the best dinner choice, but could be served as dessert!), and everyone else plays a part in making the meal come together.

Make Prep Work a Breeze

Finally, if you’re short on time between soccer practice and helping with homework during the week, investing in useful kitchen appliances can help make prep work a breeze. Tools like stand mixers are super versatile and when paired with useful attachments can help you spiralize veggies, roll fresh pasta, and—of course—mix together dough and more. While making dinner should never feel like a rush, it also doesn’t have to take the entire evening, so you have plenty of time to sit and enjoy your home-cooked meal with your family.

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