How To Export Data From Linkedin?

You might have many connections on your LinkedIn account, but are you using them accurately? Do you know, these contact can provide you big business opportunities?

If you are taking your contacts casually, this is the accurate time to changes this thinking.

To use your connections at their fullest potential, you require to gather all the data precisely and for this, you need a Linkedin data extractor. By using, LinkedIn data extractor, you can gather all the data within a short period.

In this article, we will see the basic methods of extracting data from LinkedIn as well as using the latest tools that are available on the web and preferred by most professionals.

Basic LinkedIn method to extract the data from the LinkedIn contacts.

Using a basic method to export the data from the LinkedIn accounts is a convenient method, as

  • It is free of cost.
  • It does not require 3rd party software.
  • You can easily gather data from LinkedIn contacts.

Steps to follow in the basic method

  • Visit the LinkedIn homepage, click on the “My Network” icon.
  • On the left side, you will see, “Manage my network”, after clicking on this, you’ll get one more option that is “Connection”, click on this.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, click on “Manage synced and imported contacts”.
  • Below the number of your present contacts, you will see “Export contacts” in the “Advanced actions section”. In this, you can select the data you want from articles to messages.
  • Click on the connections, and press the “Request archive” button. Next, you have to include your LinkedIn password to continue.
  • Last press on the “Done”.

After following these steps, you will receive the email from LinkedIn containing all the data in the .CSV file. When you open this file, you may observe that most of the contracts do not have their emails. It is because of LinkedIn security. You can see emails of those people who allow other visitors to see their emails or else you can’t.

After seeing the basic method, let’s see the advanced data extraction process by using several tools.

LinkedIn data extractor tools


Phantombuster offers free as well as pro plans. You can signup for this tool without filling in credit card details. By using this tool, you can easily do the LinkedIn data extraction. The process we used in this tool is called LinkedIn Contacts Extractor.


SalesQL offers a free and paid version as well.

In free SalesQL, you will get,

  • You can export data from the 100 leads per month.
  • Export personal as well as the business email address.

In paid SalesQL, you will get,

  • You can export data from above 10,000 LinkedIn users.
  • It provides email addresses along with phone numbers.
  • It provides a CSV file and it is compatible with other formats as well.
  • Install the SalesQL chrome extension to get started.

At the end

The above article is giving you information on free and paid methods of data extraction from LinkedIn. As per your choice, you can pick any of them and start your data extraction.

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