How to extend the use time of sex dolls?

Potential lovers of Real Love Doll should realize that love dolls are not human. This sounds trivial at first glance, but when I think about our experiences and exchanges, many doll lovers often overestimate the material of their sex dolls, somehow subconsciously thinking they are the same as what humans are used to.

The skin of a real love doll does not heal on its own, it has an elastic limit. Motor elements, sexual openings, and attached body parts are another topic, and they all make clear that this is a different approach. Lovedollshops has plenty of tips and tricks, as well as testimonials, that show where the limits of a personal love doll are. But now many doll lovers inform themselves before ordering or while waiting in bulk for their TPE sex doll material.

sex and love doll openings

Sex dolls have three types of sexual intercourse: oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex. If the mouth and anal passages have slight cracks, they are prone to wear. All of these are part of love dolls, and you have to know for yourself that if you want to, there are steps you can take to avoid damage, such as practicing some exercises or using lubricants, powders, and other gentle remedies.

The biggest scare is all the Lifelike Sex Dolls lovers, especially the sex opening cracks. These are not always visible, if you rinse your love doll with water after sex, the water can seep inside the real sex doll and form mold, which means the sex doll’s dead.

Many people use condoms during sex for hygiene reasons, which can confuse others because you can’t have a baby with a love doll if you only use the actual sex doll itself, and STDs don’t work. But the fear of such cracks in the genital area is great, even though you can alleviate them with removable inserts.

When cleaning the Sex Doll, use plenty of disinfectants, hard tissue paper, and tampons. This worked well for us, but it’s just how we get along with each other, other doll lovers may handle it differently. Be cautious and adapt to the doll’s peculiarities more useful and add to their life and fun.

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