How To Extend your USB Cable

USB cables proves to be quite an essential tool for pairing two devices with each other. This helps an individual in sharing data and necessary files from one device to another. Still, these USB cords are generally short in length as they become less efficient and slow in speed when the range is increased.

To improve the connection between USB paired device, users can avail devices like an extender, network converters, and extension cables, which acts as an amplifier for lost signals and allows better connectivity. To improve the USB connection for your paired devices refer to the methods mentioned below.

USB Cable

Use Extension Cable

  • Remove one end of your USB wire from any of the two devices.
  • Now take your extension cable and place the connector mouth with the unpaired end of your USB cable.
  • After linking the USB cable with the extension, connect the other end of the extension cable with the unpaired device.

An extension cable is generally 3 meters long and comes with both single and multiple USB ports. Users can follow the steps mentioned above correctly to increase the range of there USB connection quickly.

USB Extender Device

  • First pair the transmitter of the extender to your computer using the USB port.
  • Now connect the Ethernet cable with the transmitter.
  • Then insert one end of the USB cable in the device you want to use for sharing data.
  • After that insert the other end of the USB cable inside the extender.

USB Extender devices can support a high-speed transfer of data within 50 meters range. Such high speed in a wide area is only possible due to the use of Ethernet cable as such cables are capable of transmitting data at high speed over wide distances.

 Using Wireless USB

  • Insert your wireless USB inside the Hub device.
  • Now pair your device with the hub to establish a connection and share data amongst each other.

Using a hub also enables an individual to share the linked device data with any number of paired devices with the hub. It enables users to receive and send files with multiple devices simultaneously.

More a hub can also enable a person to access a paired device from 3 to 10 meters, which allows comfortable proximity for all the users. Wireless USB can also be used directly on the system you want to share files with, but doing so only allows one person at a time to access the USB device.

So if you are working in a team, then using a hub can be a wise alternative to extend the range of USB devices. Hopefully, now you will be able to extend the range of your USB devices and use them with optimal speed.

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