How to Filter by Color in Google Sheets?

Google launched the first edition of the Spreadsheet program as a test version in the year 2006, and after that, it transformed it into the functional edition that is available to us in these times. It’s one of the best-featured applications, well equipped with various features.

Google provides various programs that bridge the gap between difficulty curve and smoothness of the task with efficient tools and interesting features. These features also help to flatten the curve of difficulty level to learn Spreadsheet programs on Google.

However, no application is totally perfect, as we have to compromise between various areas of performance. Thus, Google Sheets has a very little learning curve offering the ideal price for the users.

For several years, consumers of Google Sheets expressed a desire to have the unique feature of filtering by colour. Fortunately, Google has provided this feature to its Google Sheets program and thus, you can easily get these ways to apply on your spreadsheet by following these instructions:

Ways of Applying Filter by Color on Google Sheets

There are a couple of ways to use the filter by colour feature on your Google Sheets. However, Sheets provides various interesting features for formatting tools, but these are based on the data kept with the cells. Some users face difficulty in filtering the list by colour on Google Sheets, but you need not worry as we have compiled a complete list and methods to solve this issue.

  1. The first method is to use the script for identifying cells with the help of their colours and after that keeps the particular hex value of the specific cell in another cell. Then, you may apply a filter depending on the particular content of the cell, and the result will be the same as you wish to perform the filter by colour.
  2. The next method involves the use of Sheets add-ons. There is the various good news of having this feature. Below are the complete instructions on how to use these methods:

Using Google Apps Script Method to Use Filter by Color on Google Sheets

One can use the method of copy-paste operation for using the script method on your device into Google Apps Script Editor.

  • In the beginning, launch the Google Sheets on the sheet that you desire to filter.
  • After that, choose the option “Script Editor” by hitting the pull-drop menu of Tools.
  • Now, apply copy paste operation to the under mentioned path:



var_cell _ss.get-Range(input);

var_result _cell.get-Background;


  • Now, you can call the particular function that you have created in Google Apps Script directly from the cells in your Google Sheets.

Calling Function from the Google Sheets

Once you have prepared the script for the operation of filtration, you may call the function into the particular script directly from the Google Sheets.

  • First of all, you have to create a special column known as “colours.”
  • In order to retrieve these hex codes on your sheets, you have to use the under mentioned function call into every cell having a row holding a red colour:


  • The reference B is the parameter of the colour-coded from the particular cell, including the row. It’sIt’s the column B, and you have to adjust the column number to fit into the particular situation.
  • After that, copy the function to every cell in that particular column. You will have a particular column, including hex codes, assigned one for each particular colour that you have selected for colour-coding.

Creating Filter by Color

Once you are ready with the function call and script into the Google Sheet, then you can create a filter for the filtration process with the help of colour. To do so, follow these guidelines:

  • First of all, choose the column header of the particular colours column.
  • Then, hit the option “Create a Filter” located into the pull drop menu related to Data.
  • Next, remove the hex codes from your desired colour into the filter.
  • At last, choose one or multiple colours as hex codes that you wish to see.

Note:  the above process returns all ways where the priority is extremely urgent. Users are allowed to choose single or multiple colours that they wish to see into the Google Sheet. The Google Apps Script Solution provides more of the flexibility to the users and offering capabilities of Google Sheets. If you are not satisfied with the solution mentioned above, you may tell us the “Add-on” method.

Method to Use the Sort Range Plus Add-on

This section offers the way on how to sort the list based on colours on your Google Sheets. The biggest advantage of this method of Add-on is the capability of sorting or filtering the complete list with the help of text and cell colours, but there is a minor disadvantage behind this method the user can change the order or customization.

To run this method on Google Sheets, pursue these guidelines carefully:

  • First and foremost, navigate to the Short Range Plus page and then choose the tab “blue+ Free.” This button is located at the upper-right section of the page for the installation procedure.
  • Now, choose the cells in the Google Sheet that you wish to filter by colour facets.
  • After that, choose the option of Add-ons and “Sort Range Plus.”
  • Choose the option “Sort Range” there.
  • Now, you can use the “add-on” feature for sorting operations into the app’s settings, you may modify the sorting order to one of the three mentioned preset types that provide you with the ability to customize your sheet easily and effortlessly.

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