How to find a good restaurant in Lekki online?

What goes into the selection process when a diner is searching for a restaurant? According to the new TripAdvisor “Influences on Diner Decision-Making” survey, 94% of US diners are influenced by online reviews.

The numbers are also quite increasing in other nations, with French, Spanish, and Italian diners coming in at 90, 91 and 93% correspondingsly. Diners in the Africa were prejudiced the least at 87%, but still, something to take cognizance of if you are a restaurateur.

The usefulness of online reviews can no longer be ignored because they carry a big deal of weight when diners are looking to dine out — particularly when they are looking for a new place. Another survey in 2017 pointed this very fact out as 97% of respondents said they read reviews for local businesses.

Customers even decide how much to spend on a restaurant in Lekki based on reviews available online. In another survey, 31% of customers agreed they would likely spend more money on businesses with great reviews. In the meantime, 22% said they wouldn’t buy a product or service from a business after reading just a single negative review. If the number of bad reviews is more than four, it can take away up to 70% of your potential customers.

Diners also reported they are discovering more about the places they plan to eat more cautiously than ever — whether they are at home or traveling. In fact, customers tend to research more research when traveling, though they do a lot when at home too.

The survey also shows that TripAdvisor has an edge other review sites including Yelp, Google and Facebook as the most prevalent place in the U.S., Africa and other countries to look for restaurant reviews.

Apart from online and offline reviews, other factors customers may take into point when choosing a restaurant in Lekki might be the restaurant’s technologyexposure, availability of online delivery and the ability to entertain reservations. Customers want to use their mobile devices to search for a restaurant, which makes mobile-optimized sites and apps really significant.

More tech-savvy restaurants are also now employing text and e-mail notifications to ask customers about their experience. And associate them to online review channels.

Specialty is another factors that play a great role in choosing a specific restaurant. For example, if you want to try Nigerian dishes in Lagos, you are more likely to choose a restaurant in Lekki which deals in such dishes.

For restaurant, it is necessary to get a solution that allows their brand to shine. Your online ordering and mobile app should appear and feel up-to-date and well-designed while letting your food, logo, and brand step to the display. Your customers are smart and deserve an online and mobile experience that matches the great work your team does inside of your restaurant.



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