How to find a suitable career after a course in interior design

Interior design colleges in Rajasthan are the best place if you are a creative and out-of-the-box thinker. The best interior design colleges in Jaipur require one to have an aptitude for design, decor, and art and provide the ability to challenge yourself to come up with new concepts and ideas. There are quite a few career choices available once you have graduated from this course, like:


  1. Furniture boutique or furniture designer: Furniture is a vast field and a designer in this field needs to have a vast knowledge of the intricacies and nuances of furniture design, architecture, and manufacture. This knowledge can provide you the job of a furniture designer or you may open up your furniture boutique. It is a very lucrative business that can provide a lot of scope for your professional development as well as fun.


  1. Product showroom or product designer: Product designers work over a range of commodities like home decor, rugs, lights, curtains, gift articles, showpieces, clocks, murals, furnishing, etc. They need an in-depth knowledge of a lot of materials and how to make them look artistic while being useful.


  1. User Experience Designer and Web Designer: With the advent of digital advertisements, websites, hoardings, etc. being used extensively by almost every single industry and department, the need for a UX Designer is immense. They put forth their ideas to the client that can make the product or website more attractive and convincing. They need to master a lot of software like Corel Draw, Photoshop, Indesign, Autocad, V-ray, 3D Max, etc. Web Designers provide interesting designs that focus on customer retention for the company and is a highly profitable profession.


  1. Business in Interior elements: A lot of elements make up the interior spaces of any of our buildings like floors, ceiling, panels, modular kitchen, soft furnishing, timber, hardware, modular furniture, fixtures, plywood, plumbing, paint, electrical equipment, and many more. Most interior designers who foray into this business gain knowledge of all aspects and are experts at specific interior elements. This line of work provides not only a fascinating career as you design someone’s living space but also attracts good profits.


  1. Set Designer: They are required for various events, parties, award shows, weddings, as well as for concerts, TV series, movies, exhibitions, etc. They are engaged to design engaging and temporary installations that are taken down in a few days. This is an evergreen job market with most set designers almost always too booked.


  1. Artist or Blogger or Photographer: A whole lot of talented designers create paintings, wall arts, graffiti, hand-painted articles, etc. With a talent to write compelling pieces of articles, one can turn towards creative writing or photography if you have an eye for lighting, angles, and framing.


Teach Design: To teach at one of the interior design colleges in Jaipur is a creative field that shall generate ideas and promote your design thinking skills further. A job at any interior design colleges in Rajasthan is a highly fulfilling and satisfying career option while you inspire a whole new generation of students to think out of the box.

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