How to find a suitable career after your computer science degree

The top computer science engineering college in Jaipur provides the necessary technical and non-technical skills required in this field of knowledge that is highly valued by employers. Graduates have plenty of specialization areas to choose from that define their professional careers. Some of these careers are:


  1. Systems analyst: They design new IT solutions and systems by modifying or improving the existing computers and associated systems. They aim to improve business efficiency and productivity by integrating new features and enhancements to the current systems. They need perfect knowledge of the technical aspects and also be aware of the business practices of the organization.


  1. Games developer: They are people who create and produce games for various gaming consoles, computers, online, social media, arcade, and many more. This job requires the creative skills to design a game, deal with the artists, animators, storyboarders, etc. and also have a good grasp of the programming side. One would require a good portfolio and demos of their past works to gain suitable employment.


  1. Cyber Security consultant: This is a very important role in any organization as risks to information and data keep growing. They analyze security breaches and restore or reinforce the system against such breaches in the future. Depending upon the specialization that one picks during the undergraduate course, one may be suitable to work as a cybersecurity consultant or as an information security specialist. This job may also include ‘ethical hacking’ and you may work as a forensics analyst or an investigator as well.


  1. IT consultant: They work in partnership with the clients and advise them on designing, planning, installation, and the use of the different information technology systems to meet business objectives. This role requires the combined skills of a system designer, a system analyst, and an application programmer but in many more specialized domains. IT Consultants are also hired by a company to help them with the sales and business development, to identify potential clients, and to maintain business contacts. This job role faces some of the fiercest competitions and one shall need a good amount of experience in the field to be picked for this role.


  1. Multimedia programmer: They need to be creative people with a high level of technical skill to develop different multimedia features like sound, graphics, text, photography, modeling, animation, and video. They need to understand the design concepts, identify the operational rules, and implement them technically. They also run the tests to check for bugs and rewrite or add to the codes as required. They also function as technical support teams once the product has been launched.


  1. Information systems manager: Similar to an IT consultant, this is a senior role that includes taking care of the secure and effective operations of computer systems in a company. They are responsible for the entire upkeep of the infrastructure within the organization, like system installations, back-ups, purchase the required hardware and software, secure access to all users, IT budgets, IT policies, data security, and IT support.


  1. Database administrator: A graduate from only the top computer science engineering college in Jaipur is best-suited for this role that requires developing and maintaining the integrity, security, and performance of databases that affects any organization from top to bottom.

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