How To Find And Install Windows Updates?

Looking for an update and installing them is among the significant section of working on any Windows OS. It is worth noting that Windows updates can support the Windows installation in plenty of ways. One of the primary reason behind updating is that it solves major issues related to Windows. Updates add on better features to the OS. Also, for security purposes, you must updates your Windows regularly. In the latest Windows versions: Windows 10, the updates get installed automatically. However, when you have disabled automatic updates on Windows, you will have to install them manually.

Steps to find and get Windows Updates

For Windows 10 users

  1. Firstly, press the Start menu.
  2. Then, press on Settings.
  3. After that, select Update and security.
  4. Next, click on Windows update. It shall be towards left.
  5. You can get the latest updates by pressing on Check for updates option.
  6. Fortunately, the downloading and installation of updates happens by itself in Windows 10.

For Windows 8, 7 and Vista users

  1. Firstly, go to the Control Panel.
  2. Then, select Windows Update.
  3. Press on Check for updates so that you can get the new one.
  4. Observe that most of the time it happens by itself only. In a couple of times it can be done by pressing the Install updates button. It depends on the type of Windows that you are using and the way you have configured windows update.

Note: Presently, MS does not support Windows Vista so as a result it does not show up Windows Vista updates.

For Windows XP and its older versions of Windows

Note that Windows Update is presented as a service on MS’ Windows Update website.

Like those mentioned above, in the same way, the Windows updates are mentioned with some configuration options.

Looking for updates and installing them is simple like pressing the mentioned links and options on the Window Update website.

Additional information related to the installation of Windows updates

Always remember that Windows Update service is luckily not the only method for installing Windows updates. The updates of Windows shall also be downloaded one after another from Microsoft Download Center. A different option is of using software updater program. It is available completely free of cost.  This option is mainly for updating non-Microsoft programs.  Fortunately, some of them also comprise features for downloading Windows updates.

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