How to find cheap flights? Tips and Tricks

If you are passionate about traveling or udhetime ne grup, surely visiting new countries and cities is one of your purposes for this 2020. We live in the best possible time to explore the world because today it is not necessary to be rich to travel frequently.

We have more resources at our disposal than ever: flight prices are getting lower and we have access to a large amount of information and tools to organize our trips according to our interests, our budget and preferences.

As travel experts, we have compiled a series of tricks and tips that will help you save money and travel cheaper, including the most obvious and also the least known.

1. Search for flight offers in incognito mode:

Have you ever wondered how companies use cookies? Well, airlines and travel websites register your visits by installing cookies in your browser, which can make the price of the flight that appears in the search results higher, although a cheaper one is available.

The website can show a more expensive price according to your geographical location or your history, simply because you have already searched for that flight or itinerary before. This ruse serves to encourage impulse buying, make you pay more and buy the flight before, supposedly, the price rises.

To find better deals and fly cheap, change to “Incognito Navigation” (Ctrl + Shift + N) or private navigation every time you want to book a flight. This is how you can find bileta avioni te lira that saves a lot of money.

2. Fly with hand luggage with low-cost companies:

Low-cost airlines have multiplied in the last decade. Today you can travel from one country to another for rates ranging from 5 to 100 Dollars, but it is important to be aware of the luggage requirements. Most of these airlines only allow carrying a handbag or small backpack of 10 kilos maximum (included in the price).

3. Use flight comparators and book at the right time:

If you are looking for bileta avioni online te lira, you should use flight comparators and book at the right time.

If you have a small budget, but you have some flexibility in terms of travel dates and time, be sure to explore as many options as possible.

The prices of the same route can vary greatly depending on when you make the reservation: use comparators or flight search engines to filter the search, compare hundreds of offers and see the days when the flights are cheaper.

If you will take all these points into the consideration, you will be able to buy bileta avioni me blue panorama.

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