How to Find Fortnite Bus Stop Locations

Season 1 of Fortnite Chapter 2 has become the longest Season of the game, and finally, it is about to end in a few weeks. The season 2 is on the go till then the developers of the game have introduced several quests for the players. Players who are willing to cure their boredom can accomplish these missions. We all know that the events and the missions of Fortnite are pretty beneficial for the players because they are filled with numerous rewards.  One of those missions is Remedy vs Toxic Challenges, and players will be rewarded with a large amount of XP alongside unlocking of purple skin. Remedy vs Toxic comprises of several Challenges, and below, we have gathered a list for them.

Challenges of Remedy vs Toxic

  • Players need to inflict damage with unique, uncommon, and common weapons in one match.
  • Players need to Reach 100 of both shields and health in distinctive matches.
  • Players need to inflict damage to Enemy Structures.
  • Players need to reach three bus stops in one match.
  • Players need to accomplish Weapon Specialist accolades by inflicting damage from weapons.
  • Players need to Become the first one to catch a fish, get an elimination, or land from the battle bus.
  • Players need to inflict damages through SMG to eliminate enemies.
  • Players need to reach distinctive Food trucks.
  • Players need to Earn Silver Survivor Medals.
  • Players need to navigate Chests at Landmarks.

Several challenges from this list require the players to head to distinctive locations of the game. These challenges are pretty easy, and players can easily accomplish them. The fourth challenge of visiting three bus stops in one match can also be accomplished with little ease; however, several players find this mission intricate.

Below we have written the exact locations of these bus stops to favor players to accomplish this mission with bit ease. If you are reading this blog to accomplish the bus stops mission, then make sure that you read every bit of beneath written locations carefully.

Location for Bus Stops

The game region contains several bus stops, and players need to visit at least 3 of them to complete this mission. Players should use the map to make this task more convenient and try to locate these locations on the map such as Sweaty SandsSalty SpringsFrenzy Farm, and Pleasant Park.

Players can visit any three locations from these, and it is suggested to choose the locations that are close to each other. Players should use the map and search all five above-written locations to figure out the three that are pretty close to each other. Once players visit these three locations soon after that, they will receive several rewards.


The above-written article gathers all the necessary information about the new challenges of Fortnite, which is known as Remedy vs Toxic. The Remedy vs Toxic comprises of several challenges for the players to claim several rewards.

We have provided ways for the bus stop challenge in the article, and it is recommended to accomplish all these missions. As we know that Season 2 Chapter 2 can be arrived at any time, so players need to collect as many rewards as they can from these challenges. Players need to be pretty assured about saving their game to migrate their rewards to the new Season successfully.

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