How to find outdated electronic components?

obsolete electrical components

obsolete electrical components

Finding the right obsolete electronic components is a big task for you, especially if it is a product that has been discontinued or outdated. You do not have to worry about this because we will give you the best product at a reasonable price. Green Tree Electronics Limited is a leading obsolete electronic components distributor and obsolete electronics supplier in Israel. With more than 20 years in the electronic market, Green Tree Electronics limited gives obsolete electronic parts and is worth adding worldwide ventures. There are several obsolete components distributors in the market but finding the best and most trusted source becomes a big challenge. Finding an obsolete components distributor at a reasonable price is another. People have often reported being cheated online by the false supplier of obsolete electronic components. Green tree electronic limited is a trusted company and one of the best distributors of obsolete electronic components.


We provide a unique solution to tier-1 OEMs and CMs that are seeking well-founded, authenticated, and original obsolete electrical components. We are specialists in providing trackable and authenticated obsolete components supplier, directly from manufacturers and our global network market of franchised distributors and suppliers. We provide the best and original quality components with every purchase order, and complete testing services in a testing laboratory.


Green Tree supplies electronic components testing services with a full of warranty. Green tree Electronics is also known as the best distributor of ICsdistributor of flash memorydistributor of integrated circuits Green tree maintains a documented trader’s qualification program and provides training to their traders for the best services. To guarantee the quality, Green Tree electronic is resolved to test and validate electronic parts in a testing lab and give a capability fit-structure guarantee to our customers.


After 10 years of fruitful collaboration, on January 1st, 2019, Green Tree electronics and White horse Research facilities signed a Service License Agreement (SLA) for testing and confirming electronic components.

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