How To Find People On Snapchat?

Searching people on Snapchat is very important. Well, if you are having trouble in finding people and adding them as your friends, then this blog will help you. We will discuss the ways to sync your contacts to Snapchat, and find people by looking up their usernames.


The procedure of synchronizing contacts to Snapchat


  1. Firstly, go to Snapchat.
  2. Then, press on profile/ Bitmoji symbol. It shall be present towards the above at the left side.
  3. After that, click on Add Friends.
  4. Next, click on Contacts. It shall be towards the above in the menu itself.
  5. Then, press on the blue Find Friends option.
  6. After that, do according to the on-screen instructions Snapchat offers you for getting access to your contacts from the Settings itself.
  7. Next, move to Contacts tab in Snapchat. Then, press on Find Friends. After that, click on Continue.
  8. After the process of accessing contacts to Snapchat gets over, it shall ask you for confirming your permission. Press on OK option.
  9. The people in your contact list who are using Snapchat shall get displayed by their name. Press +Add in front of the contact to whom you want to add on as a Snapchat friend.
  10. The people who are not using Snapchat in your contact shall have +Invite in front of their names.


The procedure of looking for the username of someone in Snapchat


  1. Firstly, hit on the search area. It shall be towards the above of the display and have the symbol of a magnifying glass.
  2. Then, write the username over there.
  3. After that, the user results shall be mentioned below the search area. As soon you get the user you were searching for, press + Add after their username for adding them as Snapchat friend.


The method of looking at who gets displayed in Quick Add


  1. Firstly, go to Quick Add part of Snapchat.
  2. Then, press the +Add option on any user to whomever you would like to add as a friend.

Note: You should prefer looking at user’s username for knowing more information about that user. For instance, if Snapchat suggests a user for adding because the application has identified in the device’s contacts, you may be able to view a label below their username stating ‘in my contacts’. Press the X. It shall be towards the right corner of any person for removing that person from a suggested friend.


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