How to find the best newborn photographer?


So you have decided to find a newborn photographer to capture the arrival of your precious little one. Where do you start from? There are plenty of photographers out there, and a quick search on the internet will prove this. How can you find the best among the crowd who will create the most beautiful pictures while keeping your baby comfortable and safe all the time? There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a newborn photographer. Here are a few tips for finding the best professional who offers affordable newborn photography in Sydney.

Ask your family and friends for recommendations:

A recommendation from a trusted relative or friend who has already experienced a particular photographer’s service is always the best way to start with. If you keep forgetting to ask people, use social media features. Also, you can check your friend’s social media profiles for professional photographs of their newborns and ask them specifically about their experiences. Chances are you might not know anyone to ask, and in that case, an online search will do. Also, find the one that offers affordable baby photography prices.

The photographer’s websites:

It is quite challenging to take a serene, peaceful photograph of a newborn if they are uncomfortable. A beautiful sizable picture can show that the newborn photographer is experienced in handling the little ones properly. Also, look out for the lighting and colours of the shots. There should not be any unpleasant tones or harsh shadows. You don’t want a professional who gets lucky; you want the one who can take great pictures of your little one.

Give the rest of their website a glance. Are there testimonials from happy clients? Does the website explain the process and everything you wanted to know about booking? Can you get in touch with the professionals easily by phone or email?


Professional qualifications prove skills and knowledge in the most reassuring way. Some kind of childcare qualification is a really great indicator that the photographer you are considering will understand the needs of your little one and have the awareness and expertise to keep them happy and safe during the shoot. There are all sorts of photography qualifications, but keep in mind that most indicate technical ability, which is important.

Visit the photographer before the shoot:

Not everyone takes steps to meet their newborn photographer before the day of the shoot, but we always recommend doing so. It is an excellent opportunity to start building a professional relationship that can lead to the best baby photography Sydney shoot experience. It is also an indication that the professionals are happy for you to check out their equipment and studio. Some photographers have a separate studio, while others have a dedicated room in their place that is used only for photoshoots. Take the opportunity to ask your questions as well.

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