How to find the best paint colour for your bedroom?


Paint colours for your bedroom should not be selected on a whim. With the countless hours you will spend in your bedroom, this space will affect how you fall asleep in the night, how you connect with your partner, the mood in which you wake up, and much more. Make your bedroom a space that restores you in the several hours you spent there, rather than a place that drains you. Select paint hues that will go with the feel and mood you need.

Consider the mood:

When looking for colour choices for your bedroom, you will find all sorts of expert opinions. However, don’t let these opinions cloud over your needs and true nature. What mood do you desire to feel in your private space? Do you want to feel cosy? Energized? Relax? Fresh? or Clean? The paint colour must reflect how you hope to feel as you end your hectic day and as you start a brand new day.

A gentle soft mode:

If you want a gentle haven for your bedroom, go for pastel colours. When you use a colour story of muted pastels, you can create a serene place of relaxation and reflection. Bold colours like purple can be softened down to more welcoming light pastels. If this looks puzzled to you, take the help of professional painters Chatswood.

Expand the small space:

It might seem counter-intuitive to add black to your bedroom; however, carefully using dark colours can make small spaces look larger and help out if you lack natural light source. Don’t drown yourself in dark shades, though! Balance a dark wall with light decors and beddings.

Calming and refreshing:

While smuggling into a pile of blankets is comfortable and cosy, it becomes less comfortable when the room is too hot. In fact, sleep hygiene experts advise keeping the room cool for optimal sleep. Selecting a cool colour tone will complement the cool temperatures helping to set your mind for a relaxing night of sleep. If this looks strange to you, take the help of professional painting services Chatswood.

Balance and energy:

Let’s take green shade. Green is a versatile colour for the bedroom. It brings both a feeling of relaxation and energy. It is a beautiful shade for balancing the rest of your room regardless of what your style is. It works equally well in traditional and contemporary settings. Evoking the warmth of nature, green shade is also grounding, which is ideal for sleep.

Just a little:

If you struggle to commit to a shade or is feeling as if you may become overwhelmed with all-over colour but still want it in your bedroom, think about how you can bring it in little doses. For example, according to house painters Chatswood a red accent wall will not overpower the whole room, but it will bring in the energy you want to feel. You can also include panelling of the bottom portion while leaving a neutral colour in the top.

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