How to Find the Best Surgeon for Breast Cyst Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Although most cysts are benign, discovering you have a breast cyst can be quite stressful and concerning. You may find peace of mind in better understanding the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options of a breast cyst. It’s also important to find a breast surgeon and a supportive surgical staff with extensive experience in the minimally invasive treatments of breast cysts.

Before learning how to find the right surgeon, it’s important to understand a few key things about breast cysts. Let’s dive in.

What is a breast cyst?

A breast cyst is a smooth, round, or oval-shaped fluid-filled sac that may be movable in the breast. Cysts can be small and grouped up or can be solitary and noticeably large. Cysts are pretty common, mostly if you are between the ages of 35 and 50. A cyst can increase in size during a menstrual cycle when hormones cause the cysts to grow larger. They can also grow during menopause when a woman is on hormone replacement therapy.

Can my breast cysts increase the chances of breast cancer?

No, breast cysts don’t increase the chances of getting cancer, but they may mask other concerning issues with breast-related lumps.

What does the diagnosis of breast cysts involve?

If a breast lump develops due to hormonal changes, then you might want to wait for a month to see if it grows or simply goes away. If it grows in size and doesn’t disappear, you should consider an evaluation with your local breast specialist.

Your physician may physically examine if an actual cyst is present. For clear results, ultrasound and mammograms may be requested.

Breast cyst removal can involve the removal of fluid by a fine-needle aspiration technique. There may be nothing to worry about if the fluid is clear. However, if the fluid has any blood present, then it may be sent to a lab for further evaluation.

What are the symptoms that suggest breast cyst removal surgery may be needed?

● Breast pain

● Breast cysts or Fibroadenoma

● Tenderness

● Clear or yellow-colored discharge from nipples

● Increased size of the breast

If you notice the above symptoms, it’s best to visit a specialist to get your breast cyst evaluated. The breast surgeon may recommend breast cyst surgery if needed.

What surgical treatments are involved if the cyst persists?

A breast cyst that is firm and contains cellular debris, pus, and solid mass in or around the cyst (can be seen on ultrasound imaging) possess a certain risk of developing cancer and can easily be treated with vacuum-assisted biopsy or breast cyst removal surgery.

Vacuum-assisted biopsy – The fluid is sent to the lab to check if there are any signs of cancer.

Lumpectomy – In the case of Fibroadenoma, it may involve the removal of abnormal breast tissue while maintaining the shape and size of breasts.

How do I find the best surgeon for breast cyst removal?

Whether you need a surgical breast cyst removal treatment or simply looking for an accurate evaluation, it’s important to consider the following factors:

● Is your breast surgeon board-certified, and does he/she specializes explicitly in treating breasts?

● Does the doctor have any disciplinary or malpractice record?

● What is the education and length of experience of the surgeon?

● Does the practice specialize in treating breast-related conditions? What’s the rate of successful surgeries?

● Are you comfortable with your doctor’s consultation, monitoring, and treatment plan?

● Is the healthcare team responsive about your follow-up appointments and treatment?

● Are they in network with your insurance or do you plan to pay cash?

It may seem challenging to choose from a number of different breast surgeons in Las Vegas, but never rush into choosing a surgeon without being absolutely certain you’re in safe hands.

During uncertain times, you need a caring and experienced board-certified physician specialist to help you make the most informed decisions with your health. Dr. Chanu Dasari can put your mind at ease and reassure the best treatment options while promptly monitoring and managing your breast cyst.

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