How to Find the Perfect Shades for You?

While you may think getting a pair of shades is simply a matter of choosing one and then wearing them, it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. If you get a pair of shades that aren’t suitable for your face shape and personal style, it can deter you from wearing them at all.

It would be ideal to think about it first when you’re thinking of getting some cool wood-looking sunglasses, UV, and polarized variants. If you don’t know whether these sunglasses would look good on you, here are some factors that can help you.

Based on Face Shape

Everybody has a unique face shape, and while no two can exactly be the same, you can distinguish the overall face shape. When you’re looking for sunglasses that complement and enhance your natural features, considering your face shape is essential.

  • Oval-shaped face: Darker oversized frames will accentuate your cheekbones and make your face seem smaller. You can also try out cat-eye sunglasses along with rimless or semi-rimless frames
  • Heart-shaped face: Cat-eye frames, round glasses, small rectangular glasses, and rimless glasses won’t overwhelm your face and enhance your delicate features
  • Square-shaped face: Aviators in classic shapes and round-shaped sunglasses are ideal to ensure that your face doesn’t look boxy or unnatural
  • Round-shaped face: Wider, angled frames like rectangular and square glasses are ideal to choose from to give dimension to your face while making it appear a bit slimmer.

How Often You Will Use Them

How much money you should be splurging on your pair of wood Wayfarer sunglasses completely depends on how much you will be using them. If you’re thinking of using them occasionally, there isn’t any point in spending excessively on them.

However, if you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses you can wear around every day or keep in your bag, you might want to look into getting good-quality and sturdy sunglasses. Think about this carefully before you start browsing for sunglasses.

Skate Sun Glasses


Depending on whether you wear prescription glasses or not, your lenses requirement might be different. People who have a high power can expect a thicker lens on their sunglasses than others.

You can also get lenses for your glasses that have UV protection and are scratch and dust-resistant. Look at all options before making your selection. Keep in mind that the more features and advantages you’ll add to your sunglasses, the more they will cost.

Classic vs. Trendy Styles

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of shades, it’s probably not the best idea to buy the first pair you see on a social media platform. It might be hard to stay away from the trends, but classic styles are what can go with every outfit in the long term.

You can also try out the retro look if that’s what suits your face shape and style. Keep in mind that classic styles can be a little cheaper than trendier variants but better in quality.

If you already own a large collection of sunglasses, adding a new trendy pair might not be a bad idea. Trendy styles can also act as statement pieces, which ensures that you won’t have to put much thought into the rest of your outfit.

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