How to Find Ultimate Limit Break Locations in Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 intricacy level is quite hard to match, and thus its fun now seems to be unbearable for various gamers. It is pretty hard to find the best Limit Breaks in the game and those who are not aware of Limit Breaks. They are enormously powerful moves of the characters in Final Fantasy 7, and its efficiency is dependent on a meter, which enhances every time players attain any hit.

Fantasy 7

The features can also be enhanced by consecutively using it to kill enemies. All the other characters of Final Fantasy 7 want a specific item to unlock the Limit Break of them except Cait Sith.

These Limit Breaks are often occupied by bosses or unlocked through mission alongside hidden in the world of Final Fantasy 7. Below we have provided the location of all the Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy 7 and make sure that you read all of them carefully to attain the best results.


The final Limit Break of Aerith is the Great Gospel, and players need to head towards the Sea after attaining Buggy. Once they begin their sail in the Sea, then they need to locate and enter into the Cave, which lies at the North-East part of Junon.

Players will encounter an older man inside the Cave, and if the number of matches that players fought’s last two digits is similar, then they will receive a treasure from the older man.  If the digits are zero, then the older man will hand over Mythril to the players. Now, players need to sail again towards Gongaga island where they require to trade Mythril in exchange for Aerith’s Limit Break, aka Great Gospel.


The final Limit Break of Cloud is Omnislash, and it is considered as the most intricate to attain. Players require to grab 51200 Battle Points through Battle square of Gold Saucer. Once players accomplish the required quantity of points, then they will attain Omnislash.


The final Limit Break of Barret is Catastrophe, and it can be attained by completing the quest of Huge Materia in Coral. After they accomplish the quest, they need to locate a woman wearing a green cap to receive Catastrophe from her.


The final Limit Break of Tifa is Final Heaven, and it can be acquired by hitting the right notes on the piano in Nibelheim. Two gaming consoles can play the game; PS4 and Switch, so here are the inputs for both of them to accomplish the piano task.

For PS4; X- SQUARE- TRIANGLE- L1 + TRIANGLE- L1+SQUARE-X – SQUARE -TRIANGLE – L1 + X- CIRCLE- X- SQUARE and X. For Switch, A-Y-X- L + X-L + Y­-A- Y- X- L + A- B- A- Y- A. Players need to be ensured about these inputs and must try to hit the notes right to attain Final Heaven from the teacher of Tifa.


The final limit Break of Red XIII is Cosmo Memory and can be acquired by opening the safe in Shinra Mansion. Here are the inputs that players need to insert while trying to open safe; 36-Right, 10-Left, 59-Right, and 97-Right.

After players open the safe successfully, then they will automatically teleport straightly towards the arena of Lost Number. However, it is quite intricate to knock down this boss but can be done through the preceding strategy of this match. Once players kill the boss successfully, then they will achieve Cosmo Memory eventually.

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