How to find your first pair of Pointe Shoes

Most ballet dancers have several years of ballet training before they are ready to go on pointe.

Dancers generally start pointe training around the age of 12 years. It also depends on their individual strength and skill level.

Pointe shoes come in a vast variety of styles, and you may go through many different styles & brands as you embark on your pointe shoes journey. Discount Ballet Store

Tips for First time Pointe Shoe Buyer

Getting your first pair of pointe shoes is a momentous occasion. Years of dedication and your hard work has brought you to this point. So keep these tips in mind as you start looking for pointe shoes.

Make a Fitting Appointment

For the beginner pointe dancer, it is highly recommended to get fitted at a specialty dance store. They usually have a trained staff member to fit you and guide you through the whole process. Pointe shoe fitting is an involved, personalized process and takes at least 15 minutes to half an hour. First time fittings can usually take 45 minutes to an hour, so it is a great idea to call in ahead of time and make an appointment. This ensures you have an expert fitter available solely to work with you.

Give feedback to your Fitter

The fitting expert will check many factors, such as, the shape of your feet,and your skill level. She/he will examine your shoes at various ballet positions and angles and ask you about any discomfort or slipping you may experience. They may inquire about any specific guidelines your school has asked you to follow and take that also into consideration while trying to find the best possible fit for you. The ultimate goal is to find the shoes that give you balance and support and provide as much comfort as possible.

Do Not sew elastic & ribbons…yet

A good fitter will always ask you to get the approval of your dance teacher before sewing on any elastic or ribbons. As every dance teacher has their own specifications about how the pointe shoes should fit, this gives you the chance to get re-fitted till you find the most suitable shoes for you. Women Dance Leotard

Where to buy your next pair of pointe shoes

Once you have found the pair that fits you best and you have several years of pointe practices under your belt and if your feet have stopped growing, you can order pointe shoes online too. Nowadays it is becoming easier to get pointe shoes online.Discountonlinedancewear is one of such stores which offers a wide selection of pointe shoes and at very affordable prices. Pointe shoes are generally higher priced than some other dance shoes, such as ballet flats or jazz shoes. That’s why it is good to explore all outlets: on-line and in-store,and find the one where you can get the best value for your money.

Top brand Pointe Shoes

Ballet pointe shoes have been around for a long time. Top brands keep improving them to give a better experience to dancers continuously.

Here are several top brands in the market: Bloch, Grishko/Nikolay, Russian Pointe, Gaynor Minden, and Capezio are just a few of the illustrious names.

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