How to Fix a Kitchen Faucet That Won’t Turn Off

If your kitchen faucet won’t shut off, the first step to solving this issue is to find out why the water is still running. The problem might be a loose faucet handle, and you’ll need a screwdriver or Allen wrench to tighten the handle. Then, turn off the water to the faucet.

Often, this problem occurs because the cartridge is clogged with mineral deposits or debris. The cartridge is easy to replace, and cleaning it is an easy DIY job. If you’re dealing with thick deposits, a vinegar soak is a good idea. Make sure to rinse thoroughly afterward.

Call a plumber Houston

Alternatively, you can call a plumber Houston to fix the problem. Plumbing companies can help you diagnose the problem and get it repaired quickly. If your faucet still won’t shut off, you need to replace its cartridge and gasket. This will prevent the faucet from leaking water and will prevent costly water damage. But before you call a plumber, check whether the faucet is leaking water.

You can replace the faucet cartridge yourself if you’re confident with plumbing. To do this, you need to remove the screw holding it in place. To remove the faucet cartridge, you’ll need pliers and a screwdriver. The new cartridge should be lubricated so that it slides into place easily.

Remove the faucet handle

You can also try removing the faucet handle from the faucet. Some faucet handles are difficult to remove, so you may have to call a plumber to perform this task. After the handle has been removed, you can inspect the stem to ensure that the threads aren’t stripped. The stem uses a washer to distribute pressure, and if it isn’t lubricated, it can crack and stop the faucet from shutting off the water.

Shut off the water

Another way to fix a gold kitchen tap that won’T turn off is to replace it. This is a straightforward, yet complex process. First, you need to shut off the water to the faucet, so that you can work on the replacement. Next, you’ll need to make sure you have the right measurements. If you’re familiar with plumbing, this project should not be too complicated for you.

If this method doesn’t work, you may have a blockage inside the faucet cartridge. If you’re unsure of the exact cause of the problem, contact a plumber to help you determine the best course of action. If all else fails, the next step would be to turn off the water supply completely.

Use a hair dryer

If you can’t find the problem, you may try using a hair dryer or locking pliers to loosen the valve. However, don’t twist the valve too much, or you may break the valve and the supply line. You should also turn off the water supply to the faucet in order to prevent water from shooting out of it.

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