How to Fix Advanced Display Settings Missing on Windows 10?

Advanced Display Settings in Windows 10 enables you to change your text size. But, at times this feature could go missing from your device. This feature is typically available in the Settings app or the Control Panel. Here is what you can do if the Advanced Display Settings are missing on your device. Make sure to follow each step mentioned in the fixes mentioned below.

Use Alternate Options

You should follow these steps provided below:

  1. Hold the Windows and I buttons together on the keyboard to open the Settings.
  2. Thereafter, select the System sub-category.
  3. Then select the Display option from the left pane of the window.
  4. Go to the right side and move down until you locate the ‘Display adapter properties’ option. Now, select the option.
  5. Later, reach the ‘Intel HD Graphics Control Panel’ option and select the Properties option.
  6. Now, choose the ‘Graphics Properties’ option and reach the settings of Display to make modifications as needed.

Run Hardware and Device Troubleshooter

You should follow these on-screen steps provided below:

  1. Hold the Windows and S buttons together to open the Search section.
  2. Thereafter, input the ‘control panel’ into it and select the OK button to launch the Control Panel.
  3. Go to the ‘View by’ option and select the ‘Large Icons’ option from the applicable options.
  4. You should choose a Troubleshooting option.
  5. Reach the left panel and choose the ‘View all’ option to list each available troubleshooting pack on the system.
  6. Now, choose the Display or “Hardware and Devices” options through the list of the available options and select it.
  7. Hit the Next button.
  8. Then Windows will begin browsing for hardware issues and fix them if it locates any. This procedure should take a few minutes.
  9. Now, restart the device when prompted.

Turn off Onboard Graphics

You should follow these steps provided below:

  1. Tap the Windows and R keys to open the Run box.
  2. Then insert “devmgmt.msc” into it and press the Enter button to launch the Device Manager.
  3. Go to the ‘Display adapters’ entry and select onboard graphics. Then right-click on it.
  4. You should choose the Disable device option.
  5. Now, reboot the system and check the issue.

After installing the Windows 10 Creators Updates, several users notice that the Advance display settings option is missing. However, the stepwise directions mentioned above will help users in restoring Advanced display settings on their devices.

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