How to Fix AirDrop Not Working Issue?

Your sharing is going to be really easy with AirDrop. Are you facing the AirDrop not working issue? Well, you do not need to break mountains in that case as it is easy to fix this troublesome issue. Follow these steps to get done with the issue; you can easily share your photos, web pages and other sorts of data among your iOS and your Mac gadgets.

Are you even visible in AirDrop?

It has specific settings that take care if other people can see your iOS and your Mac gadgets. Your device can be blocked from visibility. Only some particular individuals will be able to see you. It takes help of three discovery settings.

  1. Off– On the local network of yours, your device isn’t visible to anyone.
  2. Restricted to your contacts– People who are there in your contact list could see your device in their network.
  3. Everyone– All the devices that are nearby can see your enabled AirDrop.

Follow the following steps to change the AirDrop discovery settings:

  1. Bring up the control centre from the screen below.
  2. Click AirDrop.
  3. You will see three discoverable settings.

Check if your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are visible

AirDrop depends on the Bluetooth for detecting devices within the area of 30 feet. AirDrop will not perform any function if either of the two isn’t turned on. On the iOS device, enable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from sharing menu:

  1. Tap the item that you want to share and click sharing.
  2. If the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not visible then AirDrop will tell you to turn these services on.
  3. AirDrop will be available now.

To enable Bluetooth on a network:

  1. Go to Finder Windows and choose AirDrop in the sidebar, you can also select AirDrop from Finder’s Go menu.
  2. If the Bluetooth is disabled, then AirDrop finder will offer to enable it.
  3. Tap on Turn on Bluetooth.
  4. If you want to enable Wi-Fi, then instigate System Preferences to form Dock or choose System Preferences from the main menu.
  5. Choose Network preference pane.
  6. Choose Wi-Fi from Network sidebar.
  7. Tap Turn Wi-Fi on the button.

This function can also be performed from Mac’s menu bar. Turning the Wi-Fi on and off issue can fix up occasional problems easily.

Both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth can be turned on off from the settings on iOS devices.

On Mac, Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi are available as separate preference panes.

What if all the AirDrop Devices are active?

  1. It may be possible that a device isn’t active, maybe it is asleep. On the iOS devices, AirDrop needs the display to be active. The system shouldn’t be asleep on Mac. However, you can always dim the screen.
  2. Enter the Sleep/Wake button iOS. If you encounter Lock screen, you still can get the function done. What you need to do is accept all the notifications that are visible on the Lock screen.
  3. If your computer is dead then you can move the mouse and press any key, click the trackpad and press power switch.

DND and the Airplane Mode

You must have forgotten that your device is in Airplane Mode or in Do Not Disturb mode. Airplane mode must have disabled wireless radios that engulf Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can see if the Airplane mode is on by choosing Settings Airplane Mode. From the Control Panel, you may easily access Airplane Mode.

On the iOS devices:

  1. From the bottom of the screen, get to the Control Center.
  2. Click Do Not Disturb.

On the Macs:

  1. Tap on Notification to bring Notification Panel.
  2. Scroll upwards for the Do Not Disturb settings.

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