How to Fix Alexa Not Connecting to Bluetooth Devices Issue

Failed to connect your Amazon Echo smart speaker with a Bluetooth device? Alexa can be connected to any Bluetooth device and can operate with it. You can connect Alexa with a Bluetooth speaker, headphones, and other devices easily by simply pairing with them. You can also use the Alexa devices as a standard wireless speaker to play music from your mobile or tablets over it. There are various fantastic music services set up in the Alexa, including Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, and Pandora. If you are also having trouble connecting your Alexa to a Bluetooth device, try these fixes.

 How to fix Alexa not connecting to Bluetooth devices issue:

1.    Check whether your Echo speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity.

2.    Check the Bluetooth device you’re using is compatible.

3.    Charge your Bluetooth device.

4.    Remove the obstructions.

5.    Try pairing again.

6.    Clear all the paired Bluetooth devices.

Check whether your Echo speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity

A compatible Echo speaker shows a Bluetooth menu in the Alexa app. To check for your Alexa, follow these steps:

1.    Open the ‘Alexa’ app on your device.

2.    On the main page, tap the ‘Devices’ icon. You’ll find the device tab at the bottom.

3.    From the available devices list, select your Echo speaker.

Now, check for the Bluetooth section. If it is there, this means your device is compatible.

Check the Bluetooth device you’re using is compatible

If your Alexa is compatible, then you should check the compatibility of the Bluetooth device you’re trying to connect to. Maybe the device is not compatible with the Alexa. Amazon Echo supports two types of Bluetooth profiles; these are,

1.    A2DP SNK

2.    AVRCP

To know more about the Bluetooth profiles that Amazon Echo supports, go to “”. On the webpage, you can also check the certified devices to use with Alexa.

Charge your Bluetooth device

Make sure the Bluetooth device you’re trying to pair is on or charged. Check the remaining battery level of the device, and connect it to the power source to charge. If the device is not chargeable or has removable batteries, then try using the new cells. After fully charging the device or replacing the batteries, try connecting it to your Alexa.

Remove obstructions

Gadget likes telephones, microwave ovens, and wireless devices can create connectivity issues. Move both Echo speaker and Bluetooth device away from such devices also keep them near or within the range. Now, turn on the pairing mode on Bluetooth device and connect your Alexa with it.

Try pairing again

To pair with the Alexa again:

1.    Make sure the Alexa is on.

2.    Say, “Pair.”

3.    Go to the ‘Bluetooth’ menu in the Alexa app.

4.    And click on your Echo device.

Clear all the paired Bluetooth devices

1.    Launch the ‘Alexa’ app.

2.    Go to the ‘Devices’ tab.

3.    Open the ‘Bluetooth devices.’

4.    Click on a paired device in the list.

5.    And choose ‘Forget Device.’

6.    Then select next and repeat the same process for all the devices in the list.

After clearing all the paired devices, restart your Echo device. When your smart speaker starts, pair it with the device again. This time Alexa will surely connect with your Bluetooth device.


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