How to Fix an Unresponsive Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug is a phenomenal device that allows its users to control and manage all the connected devices using the Amazon Alexa app. But just like any other app, it might stop working due to some technical issues. However, there are many that you can do to solve this problem. So, today we are going to teach you exactly how you can fix a non-responding Amazon Smart Plug using a few simple fixes or tips.
Here’s how you can fix a non-responding Amazon Smart Plug.
Update Your Smart Plug
Before doing anything else, ensure that the Amazon Smart Plug and Amazon Alexa app are updated. By default, the Amazon Alexa app notifies its users to update the app when a new update is available. Whereas Amazon Smart Plug automatically updates its software over Wi-Fi. But if it’s not updated automatically, then you can manually update its software. To do this:
1. Unplug/remove the plug from the outlet for 15-20 seconds.
2. Now insert the Amazon Smart Plug back in the outlet to update it.
3. You have successfully updated your Amazon Smart Plug.
Avoid Errors During the Setup of the Amazon Smart Plug
Setting up Amazon Smart Plug does not involve a complex installation process and can be installed very easily. However, sometimes you may unknowingly commit errors during the setup of the Amazon Smart Plug due to which it might become unresponsive. To set up Amazon Smart Plug correctly:
1. Open the Amazon Alexa app.
2. Now tap on the “Devices” icon.
3. Next, tap on the “+” symbol.
4. Now tap on the “Plug” option.
5. Next, tap on the “Plugs” option by going back to the “Devices” menu.
6. Now enable Bluetooth and Location Services.
7. Next, scan the QR code of your device and wait for a few seconds to complete the setup.
8. You have successfully set up Amazon Smart Plug.
Note: During the setup process, ensure that your phone is within 30 Feet of your Amazon Smart Plug and is not on the power saving mode if you don’t want to face any issue during the setup.
Check the Outlet of the Smart Plug
If the power to the outlet on which your device is connected is controlled by a switch, then make sure it is turned on if your Amazon Smart Plug has become unresponsive. However, if the flow of power to the outlet is not controlled by a switch, then check the outlet itself to see if it’s working properly or not by connecting a lamp to it. If the lamp is turned on, then the outlet is working properly, and if it does not get turned on, then it means your outlet is not working properly. So, do check the power of the outlet on which your Amazon Smart Plug is connected if it is not responding.
Reset Your Modem or WI-FI Router
If the outlet on which your smart plug is connected is working correctly, then it might be the fault of your Wi-Fi router due to which your Amazon Smart Plug has become unresponsive. But by resetting your router, we can easily solve this problem. This will clean up any technical glitches or communication issues which might be affecting the normal functioning of your Amazon Smart Plug. To reset your router, refer to the user manual that came along with your router.
Reset Your Amazon Smart Plug
Finally, if nothing works out, then try resetting your Amazon Smart Plug. This will remove your connected device from the Alexa app and may also clean any technical glitches which might be affecting your smart plug. Once you have done this, go back to the Amazon Alexa app and reconnect your device with it to see if the smart plug is working properly again or not. To reset your Amazon Smart Plug:
1. Press and hold the button, which is located on your Amazon Smart Plug for 12-15 seconds.
2. Now the LED lights of the smart plug will begin flashing.
3. You have successfully reset your Amazon Smart Plug.
Amazon Smart Plug can become unresponsive due to many reasons like technical issues, bugs, communication issues, etc. But by using the above-discussed tips or fixes, we can quickly fix our smart plug and make it responsive again. So, do use these tips or fixes if your Amazon Smart Plug has become unresponsive.
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