How to fix and Clear the Error code on My HP Printer

HP Printers( are one of the most used printers in the world. Just like any other machines, they also can show errors after being used regularly. The errors may seem to be a minor one or it can be a big one depending on the nature of the error.

That’s why we have listed the most frequently occurring errors on HP printers so that you have a better understanding of their nature and the ways to fix them.

  • 02 – This error is the most commonly linked with driver or printer cable problems, turning the printer off and on should remove this error message.
  • 10 – It is known as “ Supplies Memory Error “, it indicates that

    HP printer

    is having problem with a toner cartridge chip. You should try to reset the printer and reinstall the toner cartridge if the problem occurs again. If these fail, it could be a hardware issue.

  • 11- This error occurs due to the absence of paper in your printer.
  • 12- If this code appears, check whether your cartridges are correctly installed and that the cover is not open.
  • 13- It is related to a paper jam, just follow the printer instructions to remove this error code.
  • 14- The printer fails to recognise your cartridges. You need to remove and reinstall to solve the error.
  • 16- This error is related to the low level of toner or empty toner.
  • 20-This error occurs due to print job exceeding the memory capacity of the printer. Simply, reduce the DPI or make the document simpler to solve the error.
  • 21-It is similar to the above mentioned error.
  • 22-This error is related to a communication problem between e printer and your computer. You need to try different connect method and also need to check the cable quality to remove this error.
  • 24-This error is related to the presence of too many print jobs waiting in the queue.
  • 25-Similar to the above error.

    fix printer problems for wireless printer.

  • 30-This error is related to PostScript firmware. You should try to print an alternative PostScript file or reseat the PostScript SIMM.
  • 30.1-This error is due to the hard disk drive crash in your printer. You need to press the ‘select’ button on your printer to solve this error.
  • 40-This error is due to break in data transfer connection between printer and computer. Kindly check the connection settings and al cable connections.
  • 41-This error is due to a temporary print engine issue. You should turn of the printer and plug off for a minute to solve this error.
  • 49-This error can occur due to many reasons. The primary cause of this error is related to the firmware. You will be required to update the firmware and restart the printer. If the error occurs again, there will be most likely a hardware failure.
  • 50.1-This error occurs due to an issue with the fuser. It is mainly dude to the low temperature and the failure of the fuser to warm up.
  • 50.2-This error is due to a warm-up failure or time-out of the period allocated for the warm-up.
  • 50.3-This error occurs due to high temperature causing the thermistor to become too hot.



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