How to fix and resolve QuickBooks error 12007

Users of QuickBooks can encounter the error code 12007 most often. It is recommended that users regularly update their software to make the most of its capabilities. 

Downloading Quickbooks updates is the main cause of this issue.


QuickBooks Error 12007

A QuickBooks update timeout can result in Quickbooks error 12007. Besides not being able to connect to the internet, there are other reasons why this error could occur such as the software not having access to the server. Most often, QB can’t connect to the internet due to a firewall, antivirus, or browser.

The error usually occurs when users try to download QuickBook updates or payroll.


QuickBooks error code 12007: why do we get it?

  • A wrong SSL setting may cause this
  • As a result of lost internet access
  • Not using the QuickBooks-assigned browser
  • QuickBooks payroll update installation timed out due to network issues.
  • QuickBooks is unable to connect to the internet due to security software on your computers such as a firewall or antivirus. 


Fixing Error Code 12007



  • Modifying QuickBooks update



  • Check your internet latency by unplugging your wireless router
  • Enter your company information in QuickBooks
  • Click ctrl+K to bring up the pop-up window.
  • If open payroll setup is ticked, uncheck the option “Edit”
  • To end the procedure, the user must wait until all payroll updates have been completed.



  • Resetting Programs update settings


The user can update the process and troubleshoot the error by resetting the program’s update settings.


  • Click the help button on the QB desktop
  • Click the current date tab now
  • Click on Get Updates on the reset update page
  • Install updates now if they’re not already installed



  • Reset your internet web browser


Choose the tools to tab in your internet browser

  • To access Internet options, click Internet options
  • Click on the Reset button under the Advanced tab
  • We will now apply the default settings
  • Once you have clicked the ok tab, reboot the system



  • Open the windows in safe mode via networking


To determine if there is an error, open your Windows in safe mode and see if it still occurs. In most cases, you can fix the problem by starting Windows in safe mode with networking.


  • Troubleshoot QuickBooks computer, desktop, and internet problems
  • Install any Windows updates available as soon as possible
  • Download and install the latest version of QuickBooks desktop 
  • See if any internet packets have dropped and see if your latency is high
  • You should make Internet Explorer your default browser because QuickBooks works best with it.
  • Verify SSL settings and correct them
  • Configure QB to allow connections through your firewall and internet security settings
  • Restart your computer once you’ve completed all the steps.



  • Check for your internet explorer settings


Open Internet Explorer after closing QuickBooks

  • Navigate to tools, internet settings, then click on the tools button
  • Press the globe icon and keep your security on medium-high by selecting the Security tab and clicking on the Security tab.
  • When the user clicks on the connection tab and clicks on the Never dial option, the correct ISP must be selected.
  • You should click the LAN settings button, check the automatic detection option and whether the proxy server has been marked or not.
  • If you’re using TLS 1.2, make sure you select the option under “Settings” to use TLS 1.2.
  • Close the browser after selecting ok, saving your changes
  • Updating QuickBooks requires a reboot of the system


Following the methods above can help you fix Quickbooks error 12007. This error generally occurs when downloading Quickbooks update or payroll. 

Go to Quickbooks Error Solutions for solutions if your problem persists. 


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