How to Fix AOL mail not working error?

Fix AOL mail not working error

AOL mail account is one of the best free web-based email services provided by the AOL corporation. It offers exclusive features and services with a safe and delightful email experience for millions of people worldwide. But if you notice something wrong and your AOL mail not responding, get possible causes to find a hint to resolve the issue at a particular time perfectly.

How to fix when AOL mail not working?

When you notice that you cannot use your AOL email account on your device, check the internet service and settings of your AOL mail account. Sometimes issues occur with the internet service when you update and run your virus scanner on your computer device. So, if your AOL mail not responding and it keeps freezing up, you need to clear your browser’s cookies, history, footprint, and cache to free up browser memory and allow the software to respond better decently.

Why do you experience AOL mail not working error?

It is not pretty wonder when you notice an error in your AOL email account and are not alone in facing technical troubles. Some issues with AOL are inherent when you use your AOL webmail program on your device. You can troubleshoot the problem when you need to fix the issue, and for that, you must adequately know the relevant causes to fix at a specific time.

  • Check the internet connection.
  • Using an outdated web browser.
  • Incorrect mail account settings.
  • Facing mail server outages.
  • AOL mail is down with server status and so on.

Get solution to fix AOL mail not working error:

You can solve the general issues with your AOL email account when it does not work perfectly. You can find the mail settings where you can do some decent modifications to your email account when you don’t receive AOL Mail emails and fix the issue systematically.

  • Check email filters:

You can check the email filter settings, where you can check the email folder according to specified keywords decently. You can repair the email service with a new email set on the filter to check the emails securely.

  • Check the Spam/Junk Folder:

When you don’t get any email in your AOL inbox, check the Spam/Junk folder that works with webmail program. You can check the email to send decently and mark and unmark the Spam folder to the inbox. It accepts the address that you use to send and receive email in your account.

  • Check your backlist:

You can securely check your backlist from the block settings where you can make some useful settings in your account email account. If you have selected the block senders screen, check the email list with the address.

  • Check the server settings:

You can use IMAP/POP and IMAP with AOL mail servers are handled by external program like email clients that helps you to connect your webmail service provider.

  • Problem in retrieving emails:

You can fix the common AOL mail problem using the troubleshooting solution below.

  • First, open an internet browser and go to the history to clear the browser’s cache.
  • Go to the main menu, select Tools, and click on the precise browser settings.
  • Enable Pop-ups and check your firewall that fixes the issue of disabling the wrong internet browser.
  • Reset the Brower settings and fix the issue while using your AOL mail account at the end.

Thus, if you wish to fix your AOL mail not working fine, speak to an AOL representative to get the worthwhile causes to resolve this issue perfectly at a particular time.

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