How To Fix Canon Printer Goes Offline Issue In Easy Manner

When a wireless canon printer is going offline in Windows 10, there are three feasible reasons: printer, network, drivers, and pc, so that you may additionally find it tough to troubleshoot the reason. When a Windows 10 desktop and a canon printer offline are linked wirelessly (Wi-Fi) or router, checking the printer on the computing device says, “Canon Printer Goes Offline” may be displayed and the printing won’t be viable.

Canon Printer Goes Offline

What is the motive behind the wi-fi canon printers maintains going offline in home windows 10


There are several reasons that the wireless printer goes offline are cited:


  • The original printer doesn’t become ON.
  • The printer is not connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Poor communique status of PC / printer.
  • There is a trouble with the community is probably hassle with printer settings.
  • Need to update or reinstall Canon printer driver.


The motive why the printer and the PC are related to exclusive networks


As cited above, there are various feasible reasons when the wireless printer goes offline and can not print.


First, you need to find out where the hassle is and why your printer is offline. It takes time to test one after the other, but it’s far encouraged to test cautiously so you can print nicely.


Tips and Tricks to Fix my canon printer offline in windows 10


Action 1: Restart the printer


First, flip off the printer and then restart it. In some cases, genuinely restarting the printer will bring it lower back online in windows 10. It will make an effort to restart the printer. Make positive that the Canon printer isn’t always on-line out of your laptop once you cannot listen to the working sound whilst the printer starts offevolved up.


Action 2: Check the wireless LAN connection fame


If restarting the canon printer does now not convey you on-line, it is possible that the printer isn’t connected to Wi-Fi. Check the printer’s Wi-Fi lamp (Wi-Fi mark if there’s a display) to look if the wi-fi connection is a hit. For Wi-Fi lamp: Check that it’s far lit. In case of Wi-Fi mark ・ ・ ・ Check the popularity of radio wave condition.


If the printer isn’t related to Wi-Fi, reconfigure the Wi-Fi connection. Please discuss with the manufacturer’s manual for the Wi-Fi connection system as it differs depending on the model.


Also, if the radio wave condition is weak, mistakes might also occur because the radio wave electricity required through the canon printer has no longer been reached. To prevent surprising errors, try and preserve the wi-fi router and printer as near as viable.


Action 3: Reboot the router


If the Canon printer cannot connect with the community, there can be a community problem.


Follow the stairs under to restart the router and take a look at if the printer can connect with Wi-Fi usually.


Unplug the router. Wait at least 10 seconds after which activate the router once more.


After restarting your router, make sure your printer is online in windows 10. If you live offline, attempt the subsequent movements:


Action 4: Start / restart Print Spooler


To use the print characteristic on Windows 10, the Print Spooler carrier needs to be strolling. Also, if there is a hassle with the Print Spooler service, the print feature might not be to be had and the printer can be displayed offline.


Follow the steps under to start the Print Spooler provider. Even if it has been beginning, restarting it could resolve the hassle.


  • First right-click at the taskbar & click on Task Manager.
  • The undertaking supervisor will begin. Click the Services tab.
  • If the tab isn’t displayed, click “Details” to exchange to the distinct view.
  • Tap to open provider management tool inside the window,
  • A list of services may be displayed, so search for “Print Spooler”.
  • Right-click on “Print Spooler” & “Start” printer.
  • If the fame is “Running”, click on “Restart”.
  • The Print Spooler provider will begin (or restart).


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After beginning the Print Spooler service, take a look at if the printer is online.


I desire those steps will remedy your question. If you want to more approximately “Canon Printer Keeps Going Offline” dial our patron care range for professional advice.

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