How To Fix Can’t Receive Emails Into Sbcglobal.Net Account?

As soon as you realized after login to your account that you’re not receiving any emails! Do not worry and try the following mentioned troubleshooting ways to fix your SBCGlobal email account problem:

Way 1: Check for Faulty Server— visit the website ‘’ and there, search for the SBC Global service, hit the ‘Enter’ button to let the website tell you whether the email server is down or not.

Way 2: Unblock the Sender’s Email Address— sometimes mistakenly you blacklist the sender’s email and that’s why you don’t receive any emails further. Therefore, remove the necessary email ID’s from the blacklist simply by navigating yourself from the ‘Settings’ of SBCGlobal to the ‘Junk Mail’ option. There, click on the ‘Block Senders’ list and simply remove them by selecting the ‘Remove’ button.

Way 3: Disable Firewall— as the wrong Firewall setting can block your email service from receiving as well as sending any emails. So, simply disable the Windows Firewall by navigating from the ‘Windows control panel’ to the ‘Firewall’ option and then, click on the option of ‘Turn Windows Firewall off.’

That’s it! This way you’ll be able to resolve the problem of not receiving SBCGlobal emails on your account.

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