How to Fix Drive is Not Accessible on Windows 10

Hard Drive is one of the prominent parts of any system, whether it is a laptop or a PC. Malfunctioning of the hardware might result in the total damage of your device. So it is always recommended to keep the hard drive safe from various threats and malfunctioning.  These faults and malfunctioning arise various issues, and one of them is “Drive is Not Accessible Error.”

This error can arise on any edition of Windows whether it is latest or older. You have to provide all the administrative access to all the system related accounts to avoid such errors. It will notify you about the upcoming issue on your device related to internal system disks.  Hard drive serves as the storage disk for your system, and it maintains your Operating System in good condition. Failure of a hard drive means the failure of your entire system, including the OS.

In case you are experiencing Hard Drive error issue, then you should follow these mentioned instructions:

 Reasons for the error message “Drive is not Accessible Error.”

Apart from the storage equipment, hard drive serves various tasks for the device for the smooth functioning of your computer. Once it gets corrupted or damaged, it crashes all the system files, including the internal processes of OS. Sometimes, this error arises on the computer with various errors, and one of them is “E: is not accessible, access denied.”In some cases, the reboot operation fixes this issue, but it doesn’t troubleshoot forever.  It might ask for inserting an external drive. By doing the same fix the issue, but it’s not the permanent solution for this cause.

Access denied error is one of the most occurring frustrating errors, and there are various reasons behind this error issue, such as your hard drive fails to communicate with the system’s OS. It might be that there is complete damage to your hard drive, or it is facing power issues that restrict the drive to run smoothly on the particular operating system. In some cases, harmful malware or viruses attacks the device, and thus, it affects the hard drive resulting in the crash of all its operations. It is possible that there might be a corrupted file system.

Once you have tried to make modifications to your damaged hard disk, then you will see an error message on your system screen. The same will be displayed once you have tried to access a corrupted file.

Adding Any Other Admin Account and Provide Full Access

Pursue these guidelines to fix the access denied error on your device:

  • First and foremost, apply the right mouse click and hit the inaccessible driver.
  • Then, hit the Properties tab there and then tap on the “Securities” option there.
  • After that, press the option “Edit Button,” which appears as a shield icon.
  • A fresh window will expand on your screen. Hit the Add tab there.
  • Now, navigate towards the section of the Authenticated User option.
  • Next, tap on the “OK” button to proceed.
  • After that, locate the Permission tab and choose the option available for providing complete access for fresh users.
  • Then, press the OK button to proceed.
  • Now, click on the Apply tab for the medication to accept.

Follow on-screen directions for another process to complete the conditions.

Providing Proper Access for Specified Account (For Windows 7)

  • In the beginning, apply the right mouse click on the driver having issues.
  • Then, tap on the Properties tab, followed by the Owner button.
  • Hit the Edit tab there.
  • Navigate to permission panel and then tap on providing full access for all the newly added consumer accounts.
  • In the end, hit the tab “OK” to proceed.

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