How to Fix Error in Receiving or Reading AOL Mail?

AOL is one of the widely popular email services that have been used by millions of computer users. AOL mail gives you unlimited email storage, up to 25 MB attachment limit, protection from viruses, spyware, malware and much more. Setting up an email account with AOL is quite easy. All you need to do is click on sign up and then enter the required details.

Once you create the account, you can access all its features and easily send/receive emails from other users. Another great thing about AOL mail is that it lets you add your other email accounts in it. However, like other software or online services, you may also encounter several issues with your AOL mail. One of the most common technical issues is when you become unable to read or receive you’re the new mails. Thankfully, the error has an easy resolution, which means you can troubleshoot the issue yourself by following, the below mentioned steps:

  1. Clear all the cookies, cache memory and the history of your web browser. Excess in the number of cookies may lead to this issue. You can remove them from your browser’s settings.
  2. Reset your web settings that might have altered when you have installed different web browsers. Make sure you change the settings according to the version of your web browser.
  3. Now, disable the pop-up blocker, if installed. This is because some of the pop-up blockers comes up with a default setting and doesn’t allow any particular mail service or any other website to work properly.
  4. Now, visit AOL mail settings to disable the pop-up window. For this, log in to your AOL mail account, click on Options followed by Settings. Choose the General tab and from the Pop-up windows section, uncheck Always write mail in a new window and then save it
  5. Temporarily disable the firewall and verify that whether you can connect to the internet or not. This is because sometimes a firewall stops you connecting to your AOL services.
  6. In case you are using Internet Explorer, disable the Internet Protected mode. For this, open the Tools menu and then Internet Options. Click the Security tab and un-check Enable Protected Mode option shown at the bottom of your computer screen. Restart the web browser and trying accessing (reading/receiving) your AOL emails.
  7. Load your mail in the basic version. You can choose this option at the time of loaded, just after the sign in or from the AOL mail settings.

If the aforementioned troubleshooting steps doesn’t work for you, contact AOL customer support team. The technicians will provide you the best possible solution.


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