How to Fix Facebook Account Temporarily Locked for Security Reasons?

How to fix Facebook account temporarily locked for security reasonsWe all use Facebook in a manner that suits and don’t think much about it. But we should think about what we are doing and how it can impact our accounts. Facebook is one of the easiest platforms for us to use and benefit from working. 

And as a business owner, it becomes extremely important for us to have a Facebook account. But sometimes, our account gets locked due to some activities by us or someone else. There are a couple of reasons why your Facebook account might get locked and here is a list. 

Reasons for Locked Facebook Account

Illegal Activity – You are involved in illegal activity with your account and that is why you are getting this kind of error. 

Warnings – You’ve ignored too many warnings from Facebook related to guidelines. 

Suspicious Activity Facebook suspicious activity could also be the reason why your account is locked. 

Spamming or Adding Friends in Bulk – According to Facebook Guidelines, you are not allowed to spam anyone or add friends in bulk. If that has happened with your account, you will be locked out of your account. 

Facebook Account Temporary Locked for Security Reasons

If your Facebook account is temporarily locked for security reasons, then you have a follow a set of steps to resolve the issue. 

To recover the locked Facebook Account, you need to use one of the methods listed here. These are the only two methods one can use to recover the Facebook account. 

Wait for Some Time – You can try to wait out the restriction period for the punishment and then try to login to the account. Once, your account is locked, you have to wait for at least 96 hours before trying another login. If you do that earlier, then timer resets. 

And remember, clear the cache and cookies of the browser or use a different browser altogether to avoid being locked out of your account once again. Once the time is up, you will be able to login to your account without any hassle. To know more about the process, go to Online Geeks technology blog to read about it. 

Submit an Appeal – When your account is locked, you can try to submit an appeal to the Facebook team to unlock it. If you have not done anything illegal that is against the Facebook guidelines, then your account would be unlocked with this appeal. If not, then you would need to use alternatives. 

  • To submit an appeal, you need to open the ‘My personal account is disabled’ page from the Facebook help center. 
  • And then, enter the email address, name and other details listed in the form. 
  • You would also need to provide an ID that will allow them to establish ownership of the account. 
  • You can list out all your concerns in the description box. 

If they deem your actions worthy of reactivating the account, you will get your account back within a few days. Yes, you need to wait out a few days for them to respond to your queries.

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