How To Fix Gmail Not Working On Google Chrome?

Are you currently dealing with the Gmail not working problem on the google chrome? While, you have checked that the Gmail servers are running fine in the backend. So what went wrong, due to which, google chrome won’t load properly?

Generally, Gmail won’t load on chrome because of the network or cookies issues. besides this, there can be several other reasons behind it. here are the complete solution for that. you can apply it on your device.

Gmail won't load on google chrome

How to fix Gmail not working on the google chrome?

Step 1- Try another browser-

When Gmail is not working on the google chrome, Let’s try to open it in the other browser like- internet explorer, Microsoft edge or safari. If it is working perfectly fine there. that means, there is something wrong with the browser. so you need to jump to the step 2 for that. In case, If gmail is not loading on other browser too. That means, the issue is with in the network or firewall settings so Jump to the step 5 for that.

Step 2- Clear the browsing data and extensions-

When Gmail is unable to load on the google chrome, you need to begin with clearing the browsing data and extension from the browser. so go to the chrome settings and clear the cookies, cache and other types of browsing data from your device. Now go back to the chrome://extesions and delete all types of extensions from the browser.

Step 3- Update the browser-

Sometimes, google chrome is unable to load the gmail because of the outdated versions. So you need to visit the about section in the google chrome and make sure it is up to date. If it is not updated, you need to go to the browser settings and update the google chrome there.

Step 4- Reset the chrome-

If you have tried the above steps but Gmail is not loading on the google chrome yet. Please factory reset the computer to the default settings and then retry to access the webmail again. It will start working fine for you.

Step 5 – Network Problems –

If Gmail is not working on any browser, there might be a problem at the network side. IN that a case, you need to go to the network settings on the computer or network. so make sure that your computer is able to access the internet and your network is not blocking the DNS and Gmail website.

Step 6 – Disable The Proxy & Other security apps- 

When you see the privacy error during the gmail load process. It means, the proxy, firewall or other types of data are blocking your network. so you need to go to the these apps and turn them off. Now retry to access the Gmail account on the google chrome other browsers again. It will start working fine.

So these are the steps to fix the Gmail account not loading on the google chrome. Here are the steps to fix the problems.


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