How to fix Gmail problems on iPhone?

Although you are certain that you are entertaining the correct password for the Gmail account, your email will not load on the iPad or iPhone. Or maybe your Gmail was earlier working on the device, but now you are traveling, and it has suddenly stopped. This problem can be extremely frustrating. In this blog, we will see the details as to why your Gmail is not working on iPad or iPhone and how to solve the problems to get the email loaded in the mail application. 

Security Issues 

Security is the top concern among the users. They do not want their personal information stolen, and companies don’t wish to be sued. Unfortunately, when security becomes too strict without an explanation, consumers can find themselves struggling to get back into their accounts. Gmail problems on iPhone can be because of security issues also. Now to fix them, refer to the below sections. 

How to fix Gmail problems on iPhone


How To Fix Gmail Issues On Your iPhone?

If you are positive that you have input the correct password for the Gmail account but are still locked out of the mail, then try the following steps:

  • Check Gmail Website For Alters

Since the iPad or iPhone cannot give you the details about your failed sign-in, visiting the Gmail website can be beneficial. If you can, use a PC. You have to open Chrome or a different browser, head to, and type in the password and email address. In case you are using an iPhone, a popup that suggests you download the app may show up but now is not the right time. You have to select the small link given at the bottom titled “mobile Gmail site.” 

  • Use The Google’s Website To Review Your Recent Devices

Even though you do not receive the email regarding the blocked sign-ins, it is still a smart idea to check the section titled “Device activity and notifications’ on the ‘My account’ section of Google’s website. This will allow you to see all the recent devices that have attempted to sign in to the account. You can also unblock the sign-in attempts showing it was you. Once you confirm to Google that you were the one trying to log in, then your email must begin loading on your iPhone or iPad. 

  • Try The Captcha Reset

The Captcha Reset, a fix offered by Gmail itself, helps you temporarily unlock the portion of the security features on Google to allow the new devices to connect successfully. To complete the Captcha reset, you need to head to Google’s Captcha reset page and use the username and password to log in. Next, you have to use the iPad or iPhone to log into your Gmail account. The attempt at signing in must work this time, and Google will now remember the device so it does not get locked in the future.  

These steps given above will help you fix the Gmail issues on iPhone and the Gmail not working on iPhone 6So read the instructions and follow the steps carefully. 

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