How to Fix Heating Problem on iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads are one of the coolest gadgets present in the market. When it comes to iPhone/iPad, whatever the version is, it oozes class. However, if your device is getting warm when using it, then you need some solution to eradicate such hassles.

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Here is how you can do the same:

Why my iPad/iPhone gets Hot?

Usually, the heating problem occurs when users use them for an extended period. But sometimes that sounds perfectly normal and should not concern you. However, there are other reasons why your iPhone or iPad might feel hot at times:

  • Using the device while charging it.
  • Streaming an HD video for long periods.
  • Restoring a backup or setting up for the first time.
  • Using processor-intensive applications such as a digital audio workstation, playing heavy games, or video editors.
  • Using real-time and GPS in the older version.

How to Fix Heating Problem?

If your device gets hot all the time, it may be a sign of a problem with either third-party applications or iOS. Try these troubleshooting instructions to overcome the problem effortlessly.

Turn Off Background App Refresh:

Background app refresh gives permissions application to check for new information. It happens typically by design and consumes CPU along with battery without thinking about it. So, it is better to turn it off this feature altogether. To figure out which application is running in the background:

  • Open the Setting app.
  • Go to the battery and then examine the battery usage of the applications.
  • Check the overall percentage of the individual app.
  • Then click on the General option.
  • Choose Background app refresh to manually toggle off apps that consume a significant amount of battery in the background.

Unstable Applications:

Sometimes, installed applications can crash in the background while they work. However, it might not be noticeable, whereas your device will get hot in some cases. To eradicate such issues, you need to uninstall the apps. Let’s see how to do so.

  • Tap on the Settings app.
  • Go the Privacy option and choose Analytics.
  • Open the analytics data and check the applications you have recently used.
  • Once locating unstable apps make sure to uninstall them immediately.

Remove Third-Party Accessories:

As we know, it does not have a fan or heat sink to adjust the temperature. That’s why; third party items may cause heating issues on your device along with battery life problems as well. When you face the heating problem, make sure to remove the case and leave your iPhone or iPad until it cools down.

Network Connections:

Sharing internet connection with the other devices using a personal hotspot can cause heating problems. Try to stable the temperature of your device by turning it off. For that, go to the Setting app and open the Personal Hotspot option. Now, press on the box next to the personal hotspot until it turns into grey color (off). Apart from that, check if your Bluetooth or Wifi is on or not. It can be a possible culprit behind it that is causing a heating issue. Now, tap on the Wifi or Bluetooth icon available on Control Centre if it’s ON.

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