How to Fix HP DeskJet 3630 Not Printing Error?

Resolve HP DeskJet 3630 not printing error

It’s time to resolve HP DeskJet 3630 not printing error and complete the Print jobs


Do you come across HP DeskJet 3630 not printing error? Let us help you to resolve it. Read and understand the troubleshooting tips below before execution.

  • Check if any papers are stuck inside the Printer compartment and  remove the papers
  • Never connect your device to a slow speed and inactive network. To check the network settings, you can print a network configuration page and always connect your device to a good speed network
  • Use the compatible reset methods to perform a quick device reset or restart
  • Check the cartridge alignment.
  • Clean the dust or smears that accumulate over the cartridge surface using a cloth or distilled water
  • To resolve the frequent error messages, perform a quick scan using the Print and scan doctor tool
  • Ensure that external software or Malware does not affect your device performance.
  • Do not perform multiple Print jobs at the same time.
  • Never allow your device to heat up. Power off your device and then switch ON after a while
  • If you would like to go for a device replacement, check out the device review post available

If your device is brand new, learn and execute printer setup. Fix the hardware, establish the network connection and proceed to update the matching software

Now to resolve setup issues, verify the setup steps, the version of the software, and the network connection speed.

For guidance to resolve HP DeskJet 3630 not printing error, talk to our network support executives’ team.

Our customer support is certified and trained to help you at any time and you can dial the toll-free number +1-800-237-0201 or visit @

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