How to fix “HP laptop unable to turn on” error?

HP, the popular tech giant needs no introduction today. It offers a plethora of tech products that are designed and developed with the advanced technology. HP product portfolio comprises of laptops, printers, notebook PCs, desktop PCs and more. Having so much of perfection in the making, these products may stop working due to the occurrence of an error. One of the common errors is when your HP laptop doesn’t starts. In such an event, a user cannot understand the actual problem because he/she doesn’t get any error message. Thankfully, this error can also be fixed by following manual steps. But, before you look over these steps, make sure the following

  • The power cable is connected properly
  • Switch of the main power supply is ON


Perform a hard reset

A hard reset will leave the following impact:

· Clears the memory

· Reestablishes the connection between the hardware and the BIOS

It can help in the following situations:

· When Windows goes blank

· Windows doesn’t respond

· Any software or application stops working or freezes

· Computer system doesn’t wake up after sleep or hibernate

Run System Extensive Test

For this test, do the following:

1. Press and hold the power button to turn it off

2. Now, switch on the laptop by pressing the power button

3. Keep on pressing the Escape key repeatedly

4. You can now see the Startup menu

5. Press the F2 key to open the System Diagnostic Screen that may be different in look and color

6. Click System Tests followed by Extensive Tests on the next page

7. Click Run Once

8. This may take huge time; let the process complete

After following all these troubleshooting steps, if you still face the same error and unable to start your HP laptop then contacting HP customer support may work in your favor. The customer support of this renowned tech leader has a team of highly experienced technicians who are capable enough to fix all common as well as complex issues associated with the HP laptops, HP desktops, HP printers and other peripheral devices. You can also contact them if your HP printer or the laptop is not connecting to the internet network. Rest assured; you will get an instant solution!


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