How To Fix HP Printer 3545 Error Code OXC4EB827F

For every computer users, the invention of printer has made half of the works much easier, be it official or educational. When it comes to taking a bundle of notes or scan of important documents, printers have eased so much. Many HP printers offer printing as well as scanning options that gives dual benefit in a single machine. One of the prominent devices, printers help in keeping any piece of data, information, casual or legal document in a form of hard copy. Different printers have their own functionality, yet all simple to understand and use. With everyday’s evolving technology, printers are also being altered with modified features and high-quality output. From black & white to color print, you can opt for any type of execution using various types of papers.

 Due to a wide variety of printer brands in the market, it has become difficult to pick one as it is a one-time investment. HP printer ranks among top 5 printer brands and are trusted one. Not only the brand is popular but its printer’s designs are great with an efficient working process and quality results. Though it sometimes suffers technical issues which can either be fixed by reaching out to HP Printer Customer Support or taking error fixing steps. Here, I’ll explain the solution for one of the errors generated in HP printers i.e., 3545 ERROR Code OXC4EB827F.
Before you come to any conclusion, make sure to check the cartridge and see if it is filled or not. In case the cartridge is running out of color, refill it and examine whether it prints or not.

If your HP printer displays ‘error 3545′, proceed with the fixing process:

Step 1: The First thing switches on the printer and when the printer is on remove the ink cartridge and pull the cord from behind the printer.

Step 2: Now shut down the computer and switch off your wireless router.

Step 3: Waits for around one or two minutes and then plug the cord back in the printer.

Step 4: Switch the printer on and remove the color cartridge uproot the chord which is behind the printer.

Step 5: Next, turn off the computer along with your wireless router.

Step 6: Take a pause of 1 or 2 minutes and then plug in the chord in the printer again.

Step 7: Install the cartridge back in the printer once it commends to or either after a minute gap.

Step 8: Execute a copy and then turn the computer and wireless router on.

Step 9: After completing all the steps mentioned about, try to take out a rough print to make sure if it is working or not.

Although these basic steps will effectively fix HP printer 3545 error code OXC4EB827F and if you face any trouble while performing the steps, take assistance from HP Customer Support.


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