How to Fix HTTP Error 504 AOL Mail?

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Http error 504 error in AOL mail is a gateway timeout failure. It states that one server was not able to get an adequate response from another server. And here talking about another server, is the one that the previous one was trying to reach when you were attempting to reload the page. This is the actual cause behind the HTTP error 504, however, there can be others too. You can read this blog to explore about the same and can try the troubleshooting tips at your own end before reaching out to AOL email technical support phone number.

Why users face the given error while they are accessing AOL mail

  • Incorrect server settings.
  • Network errorsbb
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Some kind of hardware or software issues with the computer.
  • A snag with the main server which is trying to connect to another server.
  • The DNS configuration is not correct
  • Issues with proxy server settings
  • Not able to establish a proper internet connection

These are some of the root causes behind the HTTP error code 504. You can first identify the reason that is closely associated with you and then try the solution. Below are the key points that you can keep in mind while you are fixing this error

How to fix AOL mail HTTP error code 504?

  • The first thing that you can try for resolving this error is just close all the programs running on the desk/laptop and switch it off. Wait for a minute or two and then restart the system
  • If the error still persists, then keep on refreshing the AOL mail page by pressing F5 till the time you see that the server connection has been established properly
  • Thirdly, just move to the desktop screen and press F5 for multiple times for refreshing the system
  • Change your default browser and try accessing the AOL mail from either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Do not use Internet Explorer for this
  • Uninstall your default web browser and then install it back again.
  • Remove the network glitches. Switch off all the devices such as laptop/desktop, modem, router, etc. Then switch it back again and try connecting the device

These are some quite basic steps which you can apply for resolving the error. This snag is usually resolved by applying these steps, but in some of the complex cases, you may be requiring the assistance from AOL email tech support where the techies will be able to help you out with this matter.

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