How To Fix Instagram “Sorry Something Went Wrong” Error

Instagram is an app which majority of smartphone users have on their phone. Instagram is one of the most popular and widely used social media applications around the world. It connects people worldwide and is a great platform to upload pictures and videos. It’s amongst the most trending apps today, but it has some drawbacks. Users might face “Sorry Something Went Wrong” error when trying to access Instagram. Here are some ways to fix it.


Login With Facebook

The feature of login with Facebook is well known among Instagram users everywhere. The app provides an option of logging in with a user’s Facebook account. Before this, users need to sync their Facebook account with Instagram to use the feature. Tap on the option of login with Facebook on the login page of the app and access your Instagram account. Login with Facebook is the first basic step if facing trouble logging into the Instagram account.

Wait For Some Time

The possibility is servers are too busy and causing the error. The occurrence of such error is common when it comes to apps. When servers get busy, several users find it difficult accessing their accounts. Wait for some hours and try logging again into your account, the issue will be resolved automatically. It is ideal to wait for some time.

Instagram Help Centre

This step comes after performing the above ones. If you have tried login with Facebook and already took the time of waiting and are still unable to login to your account. Tap on that tiny option available under username and password column, and it will connect you with Instagram Help center. Multiple options are available once you access the help center, and it will ask you to choose the issue you are facing. After this, it will take some time to fix the issue.

Reinstall The Application

This method is another solution to resolve the error, which prevents you from logging into your account. Uninstall Instagram from your smartphone and install it again to resolve the issue. The app installs with its latest version and zero crashed files and folders in it. Reinstalling the app helps users to remove sorry something went wrong error. Besides this, sync your Instagram with the Facebook account in case you face the issue in the future, you will have the second option available to successfully login to your Instagram.

Reset Factory Settings

Resetting the factory settings on your smartphone takes everything back to the default settings. It is a complete wipeout for your smartphone, and such errors and crashed files get removed automatically, by just performing the action. Reset factory settings removes malware, errors, and corrupted files from your smartphone. It is one of the most effective methods to fix such login errors on your phone.

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