How to Fix iPad that isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi

We all face some issues while working on the internet. But sometimes they prove to be detrimental. Well, the good news is that they can be solved very quickly. It’s very easy as going from one place to other one. Before moving on to the broader issue of troubleshooting. Don’t forget to try these tips first.

Get close to your router- This is probably the first ever solution. Try to move close to your router. Maybe you are really far away that Wi-Fi signals aren’t strong enough for the iPad to get connected to Wi-Fi.

Ensure that the Wi-Fi is running- Before you poke your nose into troubleshooting other issues. Ensure that it is the device that has the problem. Take help of your desktop, laptop or phone to get to the Internet. Make sure that the router doesn’t have any problem.

Undress your iPad– Remove if there is any cover on your iPad. It won’t fix the issue, but it will remove the specific obstruction.

Fix the network settings of your iPad

  • Before getting connected to a public hotspot, agree to the terms before accessing any apps using a network connection. Going to Safari browser will send you some particular page where you could verify the contract. At times, you may be okay with the contract but still can’t access all of the applications.
  • Get connected to the home network then opens the iPad Settings. Make sure that everything is set up keenly. Click on the Settings icon on the iPad. You will find Airplane mode at the top of the screen. Set this to Off. You can’t connect to the web if that mode is On.
  • Under the Airplane mode, tap on the Wi-Fi. You will be taken to Wi-Fi settings now. Check out a few things now.
  • Make sure that your Wi-Fi is On- You can’t connect o your Wi-Fi network with an off Wi-Fi.
  • Make Sure that the Ask to Join Network is On- Turn this setting On although users may input info manually. From the network list, select other.

Resetting iPad’s Wi-Fi Connection

  • If all other network settings are correct then it’s time to fix up the connection itself. Rest Wi-Fi connection at first. This is the most straightforward way to get through the issue
  • You can perform it from the very same screen from where the user’s verified settings. Go to your iPad’s settings, and you will land to right place.
  • Select Wi-Fi from the list. It will be on the left of the display.
  • For presenting Wi-Fi connection of iPad. Take help of option at screen top. It will turn the Wi-Fi off. Wi-Fi settings will get disappear. You may turn it On if you want to.
  • This way you will force iPad to look for Wi-Fi network and join again.
  • Still facing a problem? Touch the blue button to renew the lease. You will find this at right to the network name.
  • Tap “Renew Lease” to the bottom of display. Simply touch Renew button.

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