How to Fix Login Error in Your Norton Account?

Anti-malware software, Norton Antivirus was developed in 1991 and was issued by Symantec Corporation as a member of Symantec Corporation, Norton group of computer security products. It uses signatures and heuristic process to detect viruses. Other features added in it are filtering email spam messages and protection against phishing. Norton Antivirus supports Microsoft Windows and macOS. Windows 7 already has its supported update for Norton’s 2009 version. Also, Windows 7 fully supports 2010, 2011, and 2012 versions as well. Only Version 12 fully supports Mac OS X Lion. Symantec made changes in its portfolio and suspended Norton Antivirus shortly with 2015 product series. This act was later modified with the introduction of Norton Antivirus Basic.








Key Features:

  • Shields against viruses, spyware, bugs, malware and other online threats.
  • Secures your personal data and online transactions.
  • Works on multiple PCs, Macs, smart phones, and tablets with a single subscription
  • Assists you maintain security for nearly all media devices with an easy-to-use Web browser.
  • It generates automatic backup of your photos, financial files and other important visual and textual data of your selection on your Windows PC.
  • With the premium version of Norton Security which supports up to 10 PCs, Macs, smart phones or tablets, adds 25 GB of secure cloud memory for your PC. If also enables the option of adding more as per your needs.

ERROR: Browser Error- Unable to sign in to Norton account

If you are experiencing your Norton Account access issue, it possibly have occurred due computer’s technical problem. This problem basically occurs due to instability in network connectivity. Also, this error occurs due to fluctuation in network range; check whether the cable is not connected properly. Also, analyze if details are correct while signing in the identity Safe website.

Step 1: Check the Internet connectivity

1: Open your web browser.

2: Click on the mentioned website’s link:

3: If you can access the website then proceed to the next step.

If it does not connect to the website, contact your Internet service provider.

Step 2: Check your Norton vault access

1: Log In to

2: If you face any error while signing in to your Norton account from the website, then restart your computer and try again from.

3: If you are still experiencing signing in fault to the Norton account, then wait for an hour and try signing in from Norton.

Note: Login error also occurs when the Browser version is outdated as it does not support certain versions of Norton. Update your web browser and check whether you can log in successfully or not.

If you still face Login Error in Your Norton Account, then contact to Norton Customer Support

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