How to fix Mac error on “Norton Antivirus auto-protect couldn’t load the scan engine…”?

Norton is security software that ensures its users with complete protection and detection of viruses in their devices- application, software as well as provides secure browsing. Norton Anti-malware filters the spam emails in your device, phishing protection as well as accepts signatures and heuristics to identify the viruses in your devices. Norton mostly gets compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Norton usually works brilliantly, by providing a complete shield of protection to their devices from the viruses, malware, and other viruses. This satisfies the customers with peace of mind. As no product comes with 100% assurance nor does Norton Antivirus. Sometimes the user may face certain errors which are very common and sometimes uncommon. Among the unusual errors of Norton-Norton Antivirus auto-protect couldn’t load the scan engine. Please run the LiveUpdate…

There are no such reasons for the error to cause, appear and hamper the user’s important works in their devices. To fix such error, simply go for un-installation of Norton product, by using the RemoveSymantecMacFiles tool. Later, go for re-installation of the Norton product.

Please note- RemoveSymantecMacFiles tool helps to removes all the folders that are created by Norton installers and other files in those folders. You might lose all the files that are on those folders, including those that you created.

For fixation of your errors on Norton Product, you can either run RemoveSymantecMacFiles or can re-install Norton product. Below given are the steps to Run RemoveSymantecMacFiles, successfully in your device. The steps are-

Step 1- You need to download the file in your system.

Step 2- Double-click on the file that you just downloaded.  The file gets expanded.

Step 3- Open the folder, RemoveSymantecMacFiles

Step 4-Double-click on the RemoveSymantecMacFiles.command file.

Step 5- Give your details in Administrator, if asked and then click on the option Return

Step 6- If you want to remove all Symantec files and folderssimple type 1

Step 7- Now press on the button return.

The RemoveSymantecMacFiles removes all of the Symantec files.

Step 8- Simply click on Quit Terminal from the terminal menu bar.

Given below are the steps to Re-install the Norton product, successfully in your device. The steps are-

Step 1– Visit

Step 2- In the Norton My Account page- Sign-in if you’re already Norton member or Sign-up if you’re a new member of Norton family.

Step 3- Provide your Norton product key, when prompted with the correct <25-digits activation code> with the previous product key.

Step 4-In the Norton Subscription page, subscribe to the same Norton product which you purchased before.

Step 5- To re-install, the Norton product that you already been using for so long. Click on the button Download and follow the instructions as provided on your screen.

Please note- You need to click on Renew option, if the download button is unavailable. May be the subscription for that particular product got expired. Follow the steps to renew your Norton product subscription.

If you face any trouble, related to re-installation of the Norton product. Kindly contact , to get technical help of your issues from the experts.

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