How to Fix Mac Headphones Not Working

Some of the Mac users who have already updated their macOS to its updated version are facing a problem with their operating system not getting any sound from headphones. In case you are facing the same issue, then no worries as you can fix this error by following the instructions mentioned below.


                        MAC HEADPHONES NOT WORKING

Steps to Fix Mac Headphones Not Working

•  Disconnect the headphones.

•    Pair the headphones to any other device such as iPhone, iPad, iPod to check whether they are working properly or not.

•    Connect them again because most of the times you have to do this procedure to fix Mac headphones not working.

•    In case you are still facing the headphones not working issue, then go through the headphone jack to solve this problem.

•    It can be possible there is dust on your headphone jack. Clean the dust from the headphone jack and also in the port on the Mac to check in case this solve this issue.

•    Connect the headphones again while pressing on the volume keys together.

•    Go through the volume controls settings on the headphones.

•    Most of the models itself have volume controls which can be volume up and down.

•    Go through all the posts by unpairing the whole thing connected into the Mac. Those things include USB devices, Thunderbolt and HDMI, etc.

•    If you are facing this issue, then that can be because of the many devices connected to your Mac.

•    In case the smart TV paired through the HDMI, then the sound will come from your smart TV rather than speakers and headphones.

•    In case you wish to listen the sound from the speakers or headphones when you switched on your smart TV, you have to move to the speaker by pressing on an audio symbol provided in the menu list of your Mac.

•    In that menu list, you need to choose speakers or headphones.

•    Now, start the Mac again because doing this can fix Mac headphones not working error.

•    Start the sound controller again by launching the “Activity Monitor” and searching for the “coreaudiod” by going to the menu list.

•    End this procedure by pressing on the X option, and it will start the device automatically.

•    Update the macOS.

Here is an additional method to fix Mac headphones not working issue:

•    Go to the Apple menu.

•    Choose the System Preferences option.

•    Press on the Sound option.

•    Press on the Output button.

•    Select Headphones.

•    Change the sound as per your desire in case everything is working fine now.

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