In case you use the Norton antivirus program and are facing an error code 3035, and you need a solution for that, then you are on the right page. Here we will answer all your question regarding the error code 3035 in Norton. This error code is due to various reasons, and we listed some in this article.

If you are using a Norton antivirus system and facing specific errors or glitches, there is something wrong with the program, or the issue might be with the system. This is the type of error that occurs because of specific reasons like there is a compatibility issue with the program and the operating system. It may also occur due to the file that you are trying to open because it is infected with the virus and unable to be removed from the program. The main reason for the error code is that the file you are installing is damaged, and that’s why the system is showing this error or glitch. There could be reasons, but these are the few common ones that can occur in error code 3035. You have many, unlike ways to fix these problems.

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