How to Fix OK Google Not Working

As we all know that Google launched a voice search feature where Google gives a response to its user by ‘Hey Google,’ ‘Hello Google’ etc. It opens a search menu, and once the search menu opens, it shows the results for the searched topics by listening to your voice. But what will you do when you face OK Google not working issue? No worries, you can follow some of the methods given below to fix this problem.

How to Fix OK Google Not Working

Steps to Fix OK Google Not Working by Power Cycling a Smartphone or Plugged Devices

•    Smartphone

1.    Disable the smartphone by pressing on the power keys.

2.    After that, choose the Power off option.

3.    Wait for a few minutes before switching on your device.

4.    Once you have switched a smartphone on correctly, you can use the Google Search feature and check that you have fixed OK Google not working issue.

•    Plugged Devices

1.    Switch off the plugged device correctly.

2.    Unplug the power adapter of the plugged device from the power socket.

3.    After that, keep pressing on the power key for a few seconds.

4.    You have to wait for a few minutes before connecting everything again and switching on the plugged device.

5.    Now, you need to check whether you have fixed OK Google not working issue.

Steps to Fix OK Google Not Working by turning off the Power Saving Mode

•    Swipe down to the upper side of the display when you are on the home page.

•    Find the Power Saving menu. It resembles a batter symbol/

•    Ensure that the power saving option should be turned on.

•    In case it is not, then turn the power saving off.

•    Now, you have to use the Google search feature for checking that you have fixed the OK Google not working issue.

Steps to turn on the battery saving feature for a particular application

•    Go to the Settings tab on the device.

•    Open the Device maintenance option.

•    Press on the Battery option.

•    Now, you will get the apps menu list, which you can use to limit the battery optimization.

•    Go down till you will get the Unmonitored applications.

•    After opening the unmonitored applications, press on the Add apps option.

•    Start adding the Google app.

•    Click on the Save option for saving the changes you have done.

•    Now, use the OK Google feature to check whether you have fixed the OK Google not working issue.

Steps to Fix OK Google Not Working by Selecting a Proper Language

•    Go to the Google app on the device.

•    Press on the More option located at the end right-hand corner of the display.

•    Press on the Settings option.

•    Choose the Voice option.

•    Choose the languages option.

•    Uncheck the incorrect language.

•    Keep pressing on the language to set it to your default language.

•    Click on the Save option.

•    Open the Google Assistant menu.

•    Click on the languages.

•    Select the right language.

•    Start the smartphone again.

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