How to Fix ‘Scroll Bar Missing’ in Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet tool which helps you to complete some of the office tasks smoothly. But some users reporting the ‘scroll bar missing’ error in Microsoft Excel. If you are one of them, then follow the steps mentioned below to fix this issue.excel


Here’s How to Fix ‘Scroll Bar Missing’ in Excel

•    Turn on the Scroll Bar in Excel

You will get the option to turn off the scroll bar in Microsoft Excel permanently till the option is turned on. You can turn on the Scroll bar by going to the settings tab. Go through the steps mentioned below to do so:

1.    Go to Microsoft Excel.

2.    Open the spreadsheet.

3.    Press on the “File Tab” option.

4.    Click on the “Options” button.

5.    Press on the “Advanced Category” option.

6.    Choose the “Display options for this workbook” option.

7.    Choose both the “Show Horizontal Scroll Bar” and the “Show Vertical Scroll Bar” options.

8.    Press on the OK button.

•    Maximizing the Scroll Bar in Excel

1.    Open Microsoft Excel.

2.    Go to the spreadsheet.

3.    Go through the “Three horizontal Dots” option.

4.    This option is located near to the “Add” option.

5.    It is located on end right-hand corner of the screen,

6.    In case you are able to see the three horizontal dots, then this means you have minimized the scroll bar.

7.    Keep pressing on the “Three Horizontal Dots” option.

8.    Then, pull the option to the left-hand side to visible the scroll bar again.

9.    You need to check whether you have solved the ‘scroll bar missing’ error.

•    Arrange Tiles

In some cases on the versions of the software where you are not able to see the scroll bar, this is because the tiles are not correctly arranged. Here are the steps mentioned below to do so:

1.    Press on the View option.

2.    Click on the Arrange All button.

3.    Press on the Tiled option.

4.    After that, choose the OK button.

5.    You need to check whether the ‘scroll bar is missing error is fixed.

•    Resize the File Menu

In most of the cases, the Microsoft Excel will show the cells rather than the scroll bar so that you can get the space in the display. To get the scrollbar, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

1.    Press on the File Name option.

2.    It is located at the upper side of Microsoft Excel.

3.    Pull the option to the left-hand side of the screen.

4.    You need to pull that option until you get the right-hand side of the file.

5.    Then, press on the “Right Border” option.

6.    Pull the option to the left-hand corner till you get both the right-hand and left-hand side on the screen.

7.    Press on the Full-Screen button.

8.    After that, check if you have solved the scroll bar is missing error.

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