How to Fix Slow Internet Connection Issues during Quarantine

The lost connection of the Internet is the only possible way to make it annoying. The users would try really hard to fix it, and sometimes they succeed, or sometimes they didn’t. There are several ways that could cause issues in our internet connection. Through the medium of a subsequent article, we are going to share with you a few methods to know about the issues in your Internet Connection. The users can easily fix their internet connection issues once they know specifically about the issue that is causing a problem. In the following article, we have specifically brief out five methods to find the issue in your internet connection.

1. Router

This one is a stereotypical method of fixing the connection issue of the Internet. The users need to reset their Router settings as soon as they face an internet connection issue. The users require to press the button available on the Router. Once they press the button successfully, then they need to wait for a while and try checking the network issue if it still persists or not. There is one more technique that users can implement to fix the issue of lost network connection, and it can be implemented by rebooting the Router. Once the users successfully restarted their Router, then again, they need to check if the issue persists or not.

2. Connect Devices

The second method on our list is to know if the issue lies specifically in your broadband connection, or it is universal. The users need to simply sync any one device such as a laptop or tablet to the Router. They need to utilize the Ethernet Cable for that and once they synced the subsequent device successfully. They require to see if the device gets an internet connection or not. If not, that’s means the issue lies in the ISP, and in that situation, it is advisable to call your internet service provider. If the users found that their devices attain an internet connection after syncing it through the Ethernet cable, then the users need to know that the issue lies in their Router. They need to change their Router to fix the subsequent issue.

3. Fix Wi-Fi

The users who are unable to use an Ethernet cable to check the Router can go with the option of checking the problem through the Router setting. The users simply need to go to the Router settings option and then require to tap the option of troubleshooting. It will automatically fix all the internal issues of your WIFI, if it doesn’t, that means the problem lies in your Router, so change it immediately as soon as possible.

4. Reset Device

The users first know that their device is running the latest OS version if it doesn’t, then update it now. If it does, then go to the WIFI settings and reset all the connected networks. Once it is successfully done, then the users need to reconnect the subsequent WIFI network. After that, the users need to check if the issue persists or not. If not, then we do recommend our users to run a process of virus scanning for multiple times to check if the internet connection issue that they are facing any due to the presented virus in their device.

5. Additional Tip

Although, the internet connection issue of our WIFI will definitely going to be caught through the above-mentioned methods. If it doesn’t, then there must be an issue responsible for the update of your device. It is suggested to keep all the software of your preferred device updated as the WIFI network often shows the problem when it is not up to date. Another method is to change the password of your WIFI to remove all the additional added devices to your WIFI’s list. Once the users implemented these tips, then they need to check if the issue persists or not.


The Internet is one of the necessary things in the world right now, and almost 60% of the world’s population is using it. However, it often gets indulged in various virus-related issues, especially the home-based WIFI. In the following blog, we have shared methods to know and fix these issues. We believe that our blog is going to help the users to obtain a resolve for the following problem.

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