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How to add Ethereum in MetaMask Wallet?

Users of MetaMask can add funds in the wallet app or browser extension of MetaMask. Adding Ethereum to MetaMask wallet from another wallet is easy. You can easily do so if you are logged in to your MetaMask account. To add Ethereum in MetaMask, you need to copy the address and paste it into the recipient field. So, if you are also looking to add Ethereum in MetaMask then you need to approach the steps that we are going to mention on this page. Make sure to copy and paste the token address correctly to avoid login issues. People who are logged out the of MetaMask wallet, need to provide the password details correctly to add Ethereum in the MetaMask Wallet. Also, do not forget to confirm that there is sufficient Ethereum in the wallet from which you are looking to add it to your wallet.

Way to add Ethereum in MetaMask Wallet

To add Ethereum in MetaMask, you need to follow the steps that are given below:

  1. Launch the MetaMask mobile app on your Android/iOS device
  2. If necessary, provide the password details for your wallet and access it
  3. Head to the ‘Add Funds’ section and click on it
  4. Now, you need to copy the address and send it by text or Airdrop
  5. Then, find the account name and click on it to copy the address
  6. Paste the address in the ‘Recipient’ field of the wallet where you want to send your ETH or tokens

After approaching the steps given above, you will be able to complete the process to add Ethereum in MetaMask. In case you are logged out from your wallet then do not forget to provide the correct seed phrase details to recover the wallet.


In short, MetaMask Wallet  allows its users to add funds in it from another wallet and this is a quick process. For your assistance, we have mentioned the quick steps above on this page that will let you add ETH or token in MetaMask. In case you are facing any type of issue in this process then you need to discuss the matter with the MetaMask agent to resolve the issue.

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