How to fix the Yahoo mail not syncing error?

One of the most widely used email services globally, Yahoo mail, is used by around 225 million active monthly users. You can access their service on the platform of your choice, and that includes Android, Windows, IOS, etc. At times, while using these services, you face some common issues. Problems like Yahoo mail sync errors on Android or IOS often occur. This blog tried to include quick and easy solutions to resolve the yahoo mail sync problems. 

What Causes Yahoo Mail Not Sync Error?

There can be several reasons for the Yahoo mail sync issues. Another thing is that this can occur on any device, whether you use Windows or Android. Yes, indeed, Yahoo Mail App Not Syncing with Desktop is also quite common. We have listed some of the common reasons to cause the Yahoo mail issues; check out below:

  • Outdated version
  • Wrong server settings 
  • Cache memory
  • Sync is off 
  • Outdated operating system 
  • Improper installation 


Some common reasons cause the Yahoo mail sync error. So, whenever you get into such a sync problem, the first identity is causing this issue. If you get the exact problem, then you can easily find the proper solution. Below are the mentioned some of the quick solutions to resolve the issue; try using them. 

How To Fix Yahoo Mail Sync Error On Android Application?

The sync error can lead to the restriction of several services such as Yahoo mail not receiving emails, problems in updating contacts, issues in sending emails, etc. These are some consequences of the Yahoo mail sync error android. Now, what you should do to fix the Yahoo mail sync error on the Android app. Below we have enlisted the quick and easy solutions to fix the problem; follow the steps as instructed:

  • First, you need to check the application’s functionality; the app functions appropriately with an updated operating system. So, try to use the updated operating system before heading to any other resolution. 
  • If this does not help, you need to clear the cache and app data, removing the log-in data, settings, and temporary files. It slowly allows you to resolve the problem. 
  • Another thing that you can do is stop the app and then restart it. This will help you to refresh the active memory of the application. 
  • Now, you can also reinstall the app; this is also one of the most straightforward approaches that you can follow. This will help to resolve the corrupt file and resume the workflow. 

These are some of the most straightforward troubleshooting steps that you can follow to avoid or resolve the Yahoo Mail Not Syncing Across Devices or other devices. 

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